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You've invested in your IT applications and they are all live. So, what's next? To ensure a healthy ROI from your technology investment, we provide a wide range of application support and maintenance services including Information Security, Configuration management, Performance Monitoring & Improvement, Backups and more.

We focus on two main aspects of Application Support & Maintenance:

Environment Maintenance and Support

  • Monitoring the performance of the applications and improving it as and when its required to ensure the applications function at their optimum levels
  • Performing patch updates and keeping a track of them via configuration management
  • Taking regular backups of the application's data and the environment
  • Conducting security checks and keeping the applications secure via firewall upgrades, software upgrades etc.

Application Support and Enhancement

  • Understanding all the applications and their integrations
  • Fixing issues that arise in the applications
  • Enhancing the application

Once we kick off the engagement, we launch our 3-phased process
3-phased Process
1. Transition Phase

Our first and most critical phase is the transition phase where we focus on understanding all your applications and their integrations. We identify the number of resources that will be required and their levels of expertise.

2. Monitoring & Environment Maintenance

Once we've obtained a clearer picture of the systems, we then move to the next phase where we monitor all the applications, their environments, and perform regular updates and other maintenance activities. In this phase, we simultaneously work to deepen our knowledge of your technology ecosystem.

3. Application Enhancement

In this phase, we work on fixing bugs, upgrading and enhancing the application. With the eve-changing demands of the markets, it's important you respond quickly with your product changes and we support you via new feature code, quality assurance, release management, deployment, and configuration management.

Given the pace at which new technologies are hitting the market, we, too are continuously improving our processes and skills to leverage technologies and tools like automation, chatbots etc. so that we can deliver you exceptional customer experience - and that is the core of our Level Next Support.

We provide application support services that best suit your needs, are scalable, robust, and enable your IT systems to do what they were meant to do and more, while your teams can focus on the core aspects that drive business growth and add value.