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  • Is it possible to create a hyper-personalized customer experience for millions of customers? With AI and ML, definitely - Yes!

  • AI and ML are game changers and solving real-world challenges with its applications while offering the highest ROI across various industries.

  • Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen.

Analytics and Insights

To gain a competitive edge using a huge amount of data- the companies need to collect, streamline and analyze the right data to enhance their business processes and support decision making. Data to Insights and Digital Transformation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques can help companies to improve business operations, drive customer engagement and optimize customers’ experiences.

Digital Transformation with AI

We help accelerate digital transformation within organizations with the application of Artificial Intelligence. Whether it is using our digitization solutions or our intelligent virtual assistants, we help organizations increase the efficiency of their task force.

Our digitization solutions leverage machine learning based computer vision and natural language text processing applications to extract required text entities from scanned images and use it for upstream/downstream processes.

We help the organization with virtual assistants aka “intelligent chatbots” that can be programmed to be informational, task taker, conversational and much more!

Data Analytics

V2 unlocks the latent value of data leveraging the best-in-class data analytics technology giving enough importance to pre-processing and aggregating the right data. With the boom of big data and advanced data logging technologies, analyzing business data gathered from every possible source helps organizations find easy opportunities to grow and improve their services. From the management of financial assets to analyzing user behavior and assessing brand/product sentiments, data analysis is required at every step. We at V2Solutions, are there to accelerate your organization’s journey to unlock productivity gains across all the levels within your organization.

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Data Discovery

Do you have data challenges and don’t know where to begin to maximize its value? An important step in the discovery process is to understand the business value and work backward to strategize on the data analytics roadmap. Our team of experts will run a quick check on your data assets ecosystem and identify hurdles that lock your data.

Data Ingestion and Processing

Once the structured roadmap is built, a data pipeline can be identified/built to ingest data from internal & external sources. This will be the foundation to ensure relevant data is available. Depending on the sources, cleaning & preprocessing of data will be required to set it up for analysis.

Data Analytics and Insights

As the models start spewing out analysis, data will start speaking out insights which need to be transformed into meaningful actions by the stakeholders. The need to adjust to more sources of data or more modeling or newer inputs from the end users will make this journey an evolving and a continuous one!

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