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It wasn't so long ago that we'd come across people of all ages collecting Pokemons in the streets or signing up for GO Battles. Thanks to the sensational mobile game, Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality (AR) became very popular.

So what is AR exactly?

Augmented Reality – as the name suggests, is a reality that's enhanced (augmented) with digital content. AR enables sounds, images, text to be superimposed over the real-life environment.

With the power of AR, we can experience virtual content like singing, dancing cartoons, real-time directions to our destination, or ergonomic furniture placement in our physical world, and so much more. All that's required is AR-enabled hardware like the special AR glasses or today's smartphones, along with the appropriate AR software apps.

Applications of Augmented Reality

The applications for this technology are far and wide - right from teaching children what prehistoric dinosaurs looked like to helping multinational conglomerates sell their products.

Here are some of the areas where AR has great applications and vast potential to make an
impact -

  • Teaching/Training – As AR-enabled glasses become widely available, schools can use AR to make subjects like history, science, geography come alive to enhance understanding and knowledge retention. Museums can leverage camera phones and AR apps to convey information like never before. Organizations can train their employees more effectively by leveraging AR. The possibilities are endless here.
  • Gaming & Entertainment – Pokemon GO was just the beginning. With gaming being the most obvious application of AR, more and more AR-enabled games have been hitting the market – Temple Treasure Hunt, Knightfall AR, Zombie Run, to name a few. AR can transform the user experience in the entertainment space, too- from thrilling audiences at Coachella, displaying lyrics to popular songs, having fun with Snapchat lenses, to illustrating plays at Football games.
  • Product Sales – Real Estate, Ecommerce, Heavy Machinery are just a few of the industries that stand to benefit by leveraging AR to sell not just a product but an experience to their potential buyers. For example, IKEA lets you visualize their furniture in your homes with Apple iOS 11's ARKit technology, Sephora's Virtual Artist helps you "try" on their makeup products so you can choose the right one. These are the brands that are ahead in the game by using AR to enhance customer experiences.

AR can also prove immensely useful in the medical field, military, navigation arena, and more.

Our AR Solutions

If you want your Augmented Reality (AR) solution to be gimmick-free and give your customer the actual value for money, then V2Solutions is the right choice.

We have already provided meaningful solutions to Product companies, Commercial Artists, and Real Estate businesses, to name a few.

In each case, we successfully increased the end-customer engagement by more than 70% and delivered an increased Call to Action by 45%. However, the use case will differ as per your industry.

Real Estate

If you are a Real estate company, AR will typically help you showcase your "Model Flat," other amenities, and even give a brief description of the surrounding places. Here's how we usually do it:

  • Our VR solution + (VR headgear)
  • 360° immersive 3D experience of tourist locations
  • Our VR solution + (VR headgear)

Heavy Machinery Manufacturing

We know it's challenging to transport the machines you manufacture to trade shows and exhibitions. Here's how AR can work wonders for you -

  • Heavy machineries that cannot be carried to various exhibitions
  • Print images of those machineries and carry them along with you to exhibitions
  • BlinkAR APP trigger 360° rotation and detailed explanation of the machine on visitor’s handheld devices

In conclusion,

In a world that's growing increasingly virtual, especially in the current times, AR should be part of your organizational strategy. From training your employees to making the benefits of your services/products come alive to your customers.

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