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Advantage IoT – REST vs. MQTT

A common dilemma development teams are facing today; should they leverage existing REST APIs, or invest time and energy in moving to MQTT? As always, project timelines are severely crunched, and teams must take the shortest path, repurposing the REST APIs.

Smart Process Apps : Part II

Today, the ways in which the organizations conduct businesses, interact (or are expected to interact with their customers) have become really complex. The market environment has become more dynamic, social and highly mobile. In this age, the focus on the customer matters more than any other strategic business needs.  Unfortunately, traditional packaged software applications do […]

Smart Process Apps: Part I

How can more be done with less? That’s one question I’ve often asked myself. And increasingly so, of late. A couple of weeks ago, I had called up my bank to know the procedure of closing down salary-specific accounts.