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Deep Learning Demystified

AI and Machine Learning have already stormed the industry with interesting use cases. By the time we realized the immense uses for machine learning, we are hearing about deep learning. So, what is deep learning? Is it just more advanced machine learning or something else?

Real-time Analytics 101

Real-time or Streaming analytics is the ability to calculate analytics in real time while moving within the stream of data. It involves monitoring and acting upon events at any given moment. Organizations must act on the data quickly before the data loses its value.

Text Analytics with Text Mining and NLP

Have you ever commented on social platforms about a new product that you bought or a movie that you watched? All such data found online is key to understanding of customers’ behavior and is sought by companies and product owners.

Data Analytics

Have you embarked on your data science journey?? If not, do it now!! The New York Times bestselling book Freakonomics changed the way we see the world, exposing the hidden side of just about everything using pure data and metrics.

Is Storing Big Data a Big Deal?

Thanks to data explosion in today’s times, a term known as “Big Data” is extensively used across the globe. Put simply, Big Data is the amount of data that is beyond the storage and processing capabilities of a single machine.