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Connect to your shoppers anywhere, anytime with B2C eCommerce Solution

Salesforce B2C Commerce is the cloud-based business solution that gives unique shopping experiences across all digital channels.

This offers a range of resources like –

  • Marketing
  • Merchandising.
  • Content Advertising
  • Customer Service
  • Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce B2C Commerce also provides an open development platform and the first site on mobile.

With the help of B2C Commerce Cloud, Seller/Retailer can manage CRM data like Cart, Cases, Order, and opportunities. The buyer can access the e-commerce site in mobile and website which helps to generate online revenue fast, 100% connect to the customer.

Source: Salesforce

Who uses B2C Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is driving some of the world’s most well- known brands, unifying shopping experiences at every touchpoint, and allowing retail (online and offline) easier to handle. It includes brands such as:

  • GoPro
  • Under Armour
  • Ethan Allen
  • Godiva

As mentioned above there is a list of brands that use B2C commerce cloud to grow their business. It’s simpler to work on the B2C commerce cloud without turning to IT team support for every small update and promotional launch.

How can the Retailer/the Seller benefit from B2C?

  • Retailers/Sellers can launch sites for various brands and different geographies, all managed in a single place.
  • Additionally, they can also integrate Commerce Cloud with the Marketing and Service cloud.
  • So, the shopper can interact with Retailer/Seller various channels like email, social media, etc.
  • Worldwide, in 2017, 540 million unique shoppers made online purchases from websites powered by Commerce Cloud.
  • Also, sales through Commerce Cloud amounted to US$21 billion.
  • Retailers/Sellers can embed Commerce Cloud with Einstein AI. So, they can make smarter decisions providing personalization across the customer buying journey.

As mentioned before, Einstein AI lets you make the right choices let’s see how –

There are 5 unique features provided by Einstein AI in B2C Commerce Cloud: –


1) Einstein Product Recommendations –

Einstein Product recommendations use Machine Learning to make suggestions personalized to a consumer’s shopping experience. For example, based on the history of shopping and surfing it will show the product when you have opened and interacted with the e-commerce site.

2) Einstein Predictive Sort –

Brands can automatically customize the order of products shown on each search result or category page using Einstein Predictive Sort. This means that the most relevant product appears first based on their past actions whilst surfing and/or purchasing.

3) Einstein Commerce Insights –

Einstein commerce insight helps the merchandiser gain data source from browsing and purchase history directly from the B2C commerce cloud. So, Retailers can analyze the data to give a unique experience to all their customers across all channels without using any additional technology.

4) Einstein Search Dictionaries –

Have you searched for an item but got zero results because there isn’t any possible relevant item that matches the specific word that you searched for. Einstein Search Dictionaries makes the recommendation to the merchandiser. For example, when a shopper search for a “mauve sweater”, he/she might be not getting any relevant result instantly.

But Einstein Search will add “violet” and “purple” synonyms to the recommended list. In that way, the shopper can search “mauve sweater” and see exactly what they want. The retailer gets the benefit of not losing a sale to a customer.

5) Einstein Search Recommendations –

Search Recommendation has the power to recognize the search results are most suitable for each shopper. For Example, when one shopper starts typing the letter e, he might see the autocomplete word Earphone for him. That is based on his history of shopping and browsing. If another shopper types the letter e, he might see the word autocomplete Epson projector based on his history.

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