Technology Pendulum

Imagine a paperclip company that is known for creating an artificial superintelligence and that tasks it with an ulterior goal of making as many paperclips as possible.

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Software development is transforming like a science, a lot of R&D evolving in open source industries, new SWD methodologies taking new dimensions. It’s also important for the development team to keep the same momentum with emerging technology and methodologies. In recent years term, ‘TDD’ and ‘BDD’ are complementing ‘Unit Testing’. Read more

Internationalization vs Localization-min

Internationalization vs Localization

The appeal of iOS is global – iOS users live in many different countries and speak many different languages. Making your app connect with the audience, by “speaking” another language requires both internationalization and localization. Read more

Internationalization with iOS

As we know, Apple ships its products all over the world and two-thirds of Apple’s users are outside the U.S. We have users all over the place from New York to New Zealand and Dubai to Durban. Read more

smart process

Today, the ways in which the organizations conduct businesses, interact (or are expected to interact with their customers) have become really complex. The market environment has become more dynamic, social and highly mobile. In this age, the focus on the customer matters more than any other strategic business needs.  Unfortunately, traditional packaged software applications do not provide the advanced levels of adaptability and flexibility necessary in such highly dynamic collaborative activities. Customer frustration in such highly personal, competitive and costly markets, can spell disaster.

This is exactly how a smart process application plays an important role.

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smart process

How can more be done with less? That’s one question I’ve often asked myself. And increasingly so, of late. A couple of weeks ago, I had called up my bank to know the procedure of closing down salary-specific accounts. Read more