Let’s establish it: Content Marketing is not an easy job. It surely looks fun and cool with social media, but it is highly competitive for Business to Consumer Sector.

The interactive nature of social media makes it more fun to connect and convert to customers. Engaging the audience is the primary metric for an effective B2C

Let’s put an end to your social media marketing struggle for your B2C market with creative content marketing tactics.

Visual Marketing

An increasingly important strategy that is a part of the social media marketing strategy for all the brands and the industries.

Visual posts don’t only serve as an engagement, but also as a shareable image that can become viral. A delicious, mouthwatering food item can bring a lot of cravings. Have all the visuals tell a tale to all your audience and let them feel connected with your brand.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views and visuals receive 150% more retweets- Content Marketing Institute.

The Oreo brand’s digital content marketing strategy leverages social media days and events with consumers. The cookie brand listens to their consumers and then using it as their communication strategy by giving it a creative twist. Like here you can see Oreo is supporting the LGBTQ rights and honoring the Elvis Presley.

Key Point:
Instagram and Pinterest are the two best tools used for Visual based posts for social media marketing strategy. Visual Marketing is a good way to boost brand engagement and influencing consumers. Facebook posts with a creative visual garner 2.3x more engagement. To make it easier there are free tools to create visuals faster.

Humor Marketing

The best Business to Consumer marketing strategy is humor based content which goes together like coffee and bread. A light-hearted and fun content marketing strategy makes your brand memorable and keeps your followers engaged.

Combining the perfect amount of wit, humor and sarcasm can help you to reach the millennial age faster with the right reference to pop culture or current trends.

Connecting with your audience is a very important factor in B2C marketing. There are brands that have mastered this art with fun and smart humor like for example- Wendy’s-an American fast food international restaurant chain. Their jokes often go viral with their competitive tasty humor with McDonald or Burger King.

This fast food brand undertakes customer interaction and keeps it light by roasting them. Their tweets are retweeted which keeps the engagement following.

So, should you also use the humor and keep your social media engaging?

It all depends on the usage and its execution; the humor will be viral, and the engagement will soar. However, not all brands can continuously keep up with good humor and thus it is recommended for the brand to use it only if it can be consistently followed.

Sustaining a social humor presence is difficult, but if crafted smartly then it can bring you lot of engagement or there’s always an option of treading it lightly.

Customer-Support Marketing Strategy

A customer-focused brand strategy always works best by offering a seamless experience online. Customer Experience based on content strategy drives marketing outside the regular marketing tactics and this is what makes it unique and searchable on the net.

A customer-support marketing can make or break the customer’s experience. Zendesk research says that 52% in B2C consumer’s stop purchasing after a bad encounter or customer-service interaction and that is one ugly stat report.

The best way a brand can create customer-experience marketing strategy in B2C, is how KLM Royal Dutch Airlines of Netherlands is doing and it is viral now. It is the most recognized social-based-CRM that serves customers first by using the channel that a user uses. They have used this trick by using messenger applications like WhatsApp with innovation and instant replies to any query a passenger has. It is a one-of -the-first brand to implement bot in their marketing strategy.

KLM interacts with its passenger online on social media, on customer’s -preferred mode. They also send ticket, boarding pass or even change seats as per a user’s request on the same platform.

You can infuse several social media channels which does not force the user to download a special application and provide an ultimate experience by using it as a marketing tool on it. The user can then do W.O.M.M and spread positive publicity in their circle.

A top-notch content marketing strategy that goes well with customer support and easily done on social media gives a fresh take on how to reach to consumers easily.

User Generated Content Marketing

Launching your own user-based content can easily become one of your brand’s main campaign. User-Generated-content is easy for consumers to interact and have a brand presence that is fun and creative.

When it comes to a service/ product or a brand, generally the buying decision is influenced by real word of mouth marketing and user-based content that gains trust of the brand. This recommendation from friends and family is the logic behind this content marketing strategy.

Most of the brands use this strategy in general as this helps garner followers, reach and engagement organically.

GoPro, an American Technology brand effectively shares the customer’s experience by using this User-Generated-Content tactic. GoPro promotes its product using the UGC and has successfully run their social media campaign.

GoPro has covered this campaign on their website that rewards 1M dollars to users who submit best visual taken using GoPro.

Engagement is critical to a brand’s social media success, the more the users engage with your service, the more it will show on other people’s feed, in turn becoming an engagement chain.

A brand can also create personalized hashtags like their campaign name and share the visual. Also, a brand can create exposure along with customer gratification.

While there are other B2C marketers who are using content marketing the good way, it can be more than that by just being the beginning of the customer journey. The proper ratio of mixing content with social media marketing strategy will bring your brand in more focus and build your brand at the top of the marketing funnel.

Content will always be the king and rule the digital market, so contact the experts in the industry. Develop your core strategy with ingenious content marketing strategies with V2Solutions

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