Shreya Gavaskar

Shreya Gavaskar

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has caused a paradigm shift in marketing. We have been trained to think that computers can't grow, learn, and act in human terms, which is why we often react negatively when presented with information similar to what humans already know. However, this new and exciting journey is far from over, as AI can do much more than help businesses with their Content Marketing efforts.

Will human jobs continue to exist after the rise of AI in Marketing?

A smooth transition to AI will require organizations to rethink their Business Models, including breaking down silo walls. Artificial intelligence will replace specific tasks, not roles.

Despite several fears, automated machines are estimated to transform jobs because they will take over simple and repetitive tasks. By doing so, people will be able to move into positions that require them to have the ability to interact with others.

How is AI going to help marketers in the future?

The Content Creation process is not very easy, and many challenges hinder the success of Marketing as a business. AI has given rise to a brand-new field known as Content Intelligence, whereby AI tools offer data-driven insights and feedback to content creators.

With AI, businesses can create better content, meet their audience's expectations, and optimize the process. The data-driven insights can save you time and money and help you create better content over time by making writing processes easier. Marketers can enhance their content creation efforts by creating a continuous feedback loop and yield tremendous success.

1) Efficiently draft Optimized Social Media Posts

When it comes to social media, Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that can make your life easier by providing new and intelligent ways to adapt Social Media Strategies.

One of the most powerful features that Artificial Intelligence can create is the ability to generate building blocks for Social Media Marketing. Marketers using Social Media Platforms for business and anyone who uses Social Media for their business can benefit from Social Media AI. Using AI, you can benefit from Algorithm-informed Content Creation Tools, Smart Scheduling Tools, and Advanced Audience Insights. It automates the back end of your marketing process and enables you to spend more time creating content and managing your account.

Efficiently draft Optimized Social Media Posts

For Example: Tomorrow Sleep was launched in mid-2017 and started with Content Marketing 12 months later. They soon realized its longer-standing rivals had the organic search market pretty well nailed down, even though the company knew organic traffic was essential to its long-term success. They had to focus on crucial and intent-driven keywords to achieve the goals instead of creating large volumes of content.

That's when they thought of leaning towards MarketMuse1 - an AI-powered Content Research, Intelligence, and Writing Platform. The platform played a crucial role in identifying the most important topics for which Tomorrow Sleep needed to create content. It scanned the top 20 search results for each primary subject and helped to track gaps and opportunities.

Market Muse’s Content gap tool

2) Write Data-driven Blog Posts for Better Rankings

If you're a Blogger or Marketer, you know that writing is essential for your business. The problem is that the amount of content you have to produce is overwhelming. With numerous blog posts on your plate, finding the time to write can be challenging. But with AI writing software, you can free up your schedule to work on tasks outside your job description — even if that means marketing and sales.

Write Data-driven Blog Posts for Better Rankings

3) Personalized Emails and Website Copy

Email Marketing is more than just pushing a click-through link to a Sales page. Whether you're sending Emails to fans, customers, employees, or even prospects, Email Marketing is an effective way to communicate with your audience. However, Email Marketing needs more than just sending out messages to your subscribers. You also want your Emails to be personalized with insights from AI and audience metrics so your Emails will resonate with your audience and be better received by them.

When you send relevant Emails, your audience will be more likely to engage with them. AI can power your customer communications, increase your email campaigns' effectiveness, and help you personalize your Emails and website content.

Personalized Emails and Website Copy

For Example: eBay always strives to find new ways to engage customers. Using Phrasee, a Software platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, the company has improved its Email marketing copy since 2016. Aiming to ease the creative burden from internal employees, eBay turned to Phrasee2, a platform that automatically generates copy at scale and dynamically optimizes performance.

By building language models for eBay, Phrasee computational linguistics team allows the
e-commerce giant to generate customized copy that meets the needs of its brand, customers, and marketing campaigns. Compared to previous years, eBay has experienced significant improvements in key email marketing metrics since partnering with Phrasee, including the following things:



Although AI is still in its early days, it is a promising development for Marketers for Content Creation. With AI technology and Cognitive Computing Platforms more available today than ever before, Marketers have a new way to optimize their Content Creation efforts.

It is great news for beginners who may need assistance with Content Creation and analyzing the performance of their content. AI makes it easier to determine what works and replicates the process for optimal results in your content marketing. AI will help to make the content creation process more accessible and more effective by providing data-driven feedback while creating content, as well as assisting in content profiling, topic inspiration, content accuracy, and more.

We may soon reach a point where the difference between relevant content created by a computer and a human will become indistinguishable. And that's something worth looking forward to.

We're likely to see a lot of different forms of AI in the coming years. Moreover, AI has already proven invaluable to successful marketing campaigns, and we're sure to see even further innovations in the future.

V2Solutions helps you elevate your Content Creation techniques and your Marketing Strategies to the next level! Let us help you get there.


Shreya Gavaskar

Shreya Gavaskar

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