The spread of COVID-19 has largely changed the dynamics of the working culture. All the firms across globe are either shut or their employees are operating remotely or from home. Health and Safety of the people is the most crucial thing to curb this global pandemic situation.

This change in the workforce has created a new challenge for the businesses and employers to stay connected with their fellow employees.

For the Marketing business, the strategy is to take proactive steps with the graded response to tackle this unprecedented situation.

Social Distancing is important, but this is a golden opportunity for Socializing with people online to bring out the best marketing results with a great communication strategy.

There are several companies which are making efforts to connect with the prospects remotely to get the quality output while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

However, that does not mean all the companies are well-equipped with Remote Team Culture and Remote Work Tools. This global crisis has made every company to reckon for High-Performing Virtual Team.

We have curated some of the best team working and communication tools to remotely set-up the work environment as per your work culture to maintain smooth business functionality.

This has become quite a big challenge in the Marketing world. In order to succeed in this fight, one needs to plan and strategize actions by using some of the most productive tools to keep the team on the same page.

Here are a few ways which will help you temporarily transit to Remote Communication and Workforce:

Set- Up a Formal and an Informal Communication Plan:

Depending on the size of the team, the manager or the team lead can create a universal platform for daily communication and team meetings as well.

Zoom Meeting and Skype for Business are good options to keep your remote team communication together and to have work from home conferences. Whatever the situation is E-mails always remain as one of the greatest communication platforms- Outlook or G-Mail.

Remote Leadership and Team Management Set-Up:

It is not an easy task to shift an entire task force together for a remote workforce. To help mitigate this, it is very crucial to evaluate the resources and communication process. A Remote Team-Leadership will help with getting all the projects in the track while also rightly delegating all the tasks to other teammates. Team management can only be established if the entire team is playing it together and all the actions are coordinated. The team can document challenges and coordinate to bring out a solution together over conference calls through Zoom or Skype. For Internal workflow, the team can also keep a track of their work with DRS- Daily Report Status so that there is maximum coordination and output.

This fast food brand undertakes customer interaction and keeps it light by roasting them. Their tweets are retweeted which keeps the engagement following.

Using a secure connection:

Remote working teams should have a secured Wi-Fi network or a trusted VPN – Virtual Private Network. VPN helps as a server between your Wi-Fi connection and your device connection which is protected with encryption.

Universal Documentation Management:

For everyone to have remote- access to a project work, it is necessary to maintain and upload all the files in one safe and secure place. One-Drive can be one online portal to keep track and share all the files.

Social Media Third Party Platforms:

Platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer can help the marketing team keep a record of all the posts to be scheduled and to easily track the analysis of the posts. Digital Marketing can be easy and up to date.

Consider an Out-Reach Marketing Strategy and try to maintain that relationship.

Keeping Calm but Keep Optimizing On:

It is imperative to ensure your marketing operations go on smoothly without any hiccup with great SEO practices.

It is a competitive world and everyone out here wants to win this game called marketing. So do not back down and keep going on intelligently.

Support System:

Not all the companies are ready with Remote Work Culture and so the managers must discuss and be ready to tackle any challenges the team might face during this. Build up a proper Morale-Support System to discuss various problems, clear any misconception and streamline all the projects.

Integrated Applications:

Use Integrated Applications like Zoom and ZOHO to come up with virtually productive platforms for teamwork space. Application like Microsoft Office Suite has complete tools from- Outlook, One-Drive, Skype to even Microsoft Teams which all can be used for your online working.

Create Rules and Regulations:

Creating rules and observing them for faster and effective work is an important step in this transition from Office to work. Teams can decide timings for daily meetings and discuss the task list and maintain a regular workbook and sheet that allows all the team-mates to keep their task list updated.

Flexibility and Availability:

In the end, it all comes down to Flexibility- Work from Home very much sounds flexible, but that is not the case always. Right now, when the entire world is in the lock-down moment, people are working but their families are also there next to them. It is humanly not possible to work at home exactly as we do at the office. But at the same time, we can be a little flexible and stay available to help our team-mates and be prepared to recover the business loss we might face during this tough time.

Keep your Marketing process and strategies healthy, your business will also stay healthy and fresh. Being up to date with the voice and tonality of the brand is important. Keep your customers updated with the help of some useful posts. Consider your brand communication as one of the highest priorities and leverage it the right way in this opportunist world.

V2Solutions provides the best marketing experience even during Work from Home, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.

The perspective will always matter. Words are very important. If you focus on the future it can help you prepare to recover faster. Let us know what steps you take for your business and marketing plans. Let us all help each other and fight this together.

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