Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

If you cannot capture your audience's attention in eight seconds, you will lose them. Why? Because that is how long our attention span lasts.

Interactive marketing is one of the most successful and immersive digital marketing strategies. It allows the users to drive, interact, or control the elements by clicking, scrolling, or hovering the curser.

With interactive elements, marketers can create attention-driven content that keeps the users engaged and locked on their content. This way, marketers can easily overcome one of the biggest problems of content creativity- keeping the audience entertained.

Interactive elements can be modified through scroll-format stories where static blogs or landing pages are converted to scrolling multimedia or interactive infographics like animated infographics. You can also create quizzes or games or make stories through GIFs or videos and create a more dynamic layout in users' minds.

There are multiple ways Interactive Marketing can help businesses grow:

  • With increased content value life, interactivity increases engagement, creating a more profound brand affinity.
  • It is the easiest way for businesses to prepare for a cookie-less world & effectively manage third-party suppression & retain their consumers.

We will be looking at the revolutionary elements that will help us get our target audience’s attention and collect information with their consent.

To activate this, businesses have to adapt a Zero-Party Data module 1 and engineer digital campaigns to achieve their goal. That might sound a bit hard, but possible.


By identifying the right users with valuable content.

Since interactive elements enable you to collect psychographic information of your users, collected directly from the audience which helps reveal their preferences, thus activating the Zero-Party data module.

Attracting visitors becomes easy when you use interactive content techniques like questionnaires, product hunts, games, polls, assessment tools, surveys, feedback, etc. You are engaging them with a certain objective of learning about them. Once you have this information, you efficiently get their email address, social profiles, etc., and convert them into actionable leads and qualifiable currencies.

Interactive elements create a stir in the users' minds, like uncovering a message with a digital scratch-it card or by creating curiosity that drums up the user experience and interaction with the brand.

Following are the ways you can use interactive tactics to convert your target audience with fresh and relevant content:

1) Create Personalized Content

All forms of communication are content & content is consumed everywhere. To stand out in the crowd, creating personalized content for your users is key. Create content based on the buyer's journey and increase your business's engagement, conversions, sales, and loyalty.

Content helps you increase search engine ranking with strategic keywords & high-quality content to gain more traffic from a qualified user base. When you provide valuable information to your users, you also bring in authenticity, build trust, stand out as an authority that gains loyal customers, and generate significant engagement levels.

Create Personalized Content

One of the incredible interactive content marketing strategies is to repost User-Generated Content. UGC is one of the most powerful tools for a B2B sector, especially for SEO boost and great user-experience enhancement.

This type of interactive content does not have to be intensive; it can be a simple review from a user for your product or services or interact with you in the comments section.

Due to the advantages, creating UGC is the best strategy for boosting your SEO, as explained below:

  • UGC can help create personalized content - Duplicity in the content hurts your SEO ranking. Google certainly dislikes cheating and takes uniqueness in the content seriously! UGC will help create great unique content targeted only at your users. Using comments, reviews, or pictures from your users can be a distinguishing mark from the same product description and help you stand out from equivalent products.
  • UGC can help update your content - Editing content can seem like a task, but when you revise it with better or precise updates like reviews, comments, pictures, or fan praise, it adds quality to an old piece. Google loves to stay updated and will indeed like your updated version with a comment or a review in it.
  • UGC can help filter content - UGC can be technically driven with respect to specific keywords with certain settings in your website comment section, where you can also cut down on some spam or filter some nonsense.

One of Britain's most prominent fashion brands–Burberry- launched a social UGC campaign creatively with a user-based website called Art of the Trench2.

With the campaign going widely viral and a massive success with users uploading pictures wearing the brand's Trenchcoat3, the comments spread like wildfire and Burberry grew about 50% of their sales every year.

Interactive Email Marketing

2) Interactive Email Marketing

Simple email marketing days are over. With new interactive & sophisticated email strategies involving intricate attention and content detailing, you can avoid the risk of losing users to your competitors.

A research from Kapost4 states that interactive content helps them generate more than two-fold conversion5 than static email content with only 36% compared to interactive at 70%. And that the audiences prefer GIFs (96%) over interactive video elements (62%)

Interactive email marketing pulls the users into a participation zone, ensuring a boost in brand loyalty.

Using interactive email means getting your user’s attention in the right way. In this way, e-mail marketing strategies become more functional and make surveys and feedback easier for the customers. It also opens new opportunities for all marketers.

About 23% of businesses6 have already tried interactive elements in email. And about 16%7 have strategized their plan.

Strategizing interactive content significantly promotes engagement like:

  • Running assessments & quizzes
  • Surveys or polls
  • Contents or Calculators
  • User feedback

Additionally, email marketers can strategize AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for an email with real-time content and dynamic gamification, like adding sliders, animated gifs, hover image effects, games, etc.

You can also:

  • Transform lists into attractive point blocks or gifs
  • Improve accessibility by using typography, design mode, etc.
  • Rollover effects on interesting or helpful details
  • Add galleries or gamified effects for a great user experience
  • Showcase products through animation
  • Include gifs in contact forms especially after the cookie-less world

Another incredible example for interactive email marketing- Moo.8

Moo is a UK-based Print & Design firm that shares a unique experience with its users through interactive email marketing strategies—like in the visual, earning rewards is fun and interesting by chopping the melons with the hands.

The campaign is an absolute winner in attracting and keeping the users loyal to the brand.

Interactive Email Marketing is one of the intelligent opportunities missed for any marketer. It shows a significant margin of improvement in click-through rates and removes unnecessary steps for a user that prompts to leave the email.

3) AR & VR

As per Statista report9, the AR (Augmented Reality) audience is expected to grow 3.5B this year, and the AR market is predicted to reach $198B in 2025. Analysts forecasted a $30.7Billion AR & VR global market for last year and expected to see a rise of around $300B by 2024.

It looks clear that these realities are beyond the gaming world. Lumus10 shows how AR & VR caters to the diverse global market.

AR tech has proven its worth as one of the best revolutions, opening a new growth opportunity for businesses globally.

Experiential Marketing talks about the live interaction between a brand and its users, but with AR, all marketing forms come alive and transform into an immersive interactive experience.


With such a large market to tap into, AR solutions can bring immersive experiences to a competitive edge in various sectors, especially with the coming of the metaverse.


Sephora created its Virtual Artist11 try-on by leveraging technological advancement. A make-up room where you can bring beauty out in the open through tutorials or get a virtual makeover.

While AR technology has been integrated into the retail sector, Sephora’s innovation may push the AR strategy further into the mainstream beauty world.

Many firms have started providing virtual try-on either in-store or via apps. And according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc,12 the global VR market size is expected to reach $69.60B by 2028 and is anticipated to record a CAGR of 18.0%.

Another research by Shopify13 says that e-commerce can have a 94% higher conversion rate of the products that are AR tech pieces compared to the products without AR support. It influences the graphics to real-life experience and enhances the user experience into an immersive one.

There is no doubt that AR and VR engage users and boost conversion rates. These techs are assured to modify how retail businesses are run endlessly or sold online.

Interactive elements represent the future of digital marketing and are also critical elements for the B2B sector. They will soon become one of the most powerful strategies in the world of digital marketing as they offer an immersive brand experience. These interactive elements will help you connect with your audience more quickly and effortlessly, create impressions that will make an impact, and convert your traffic into currency.

It leverages the influence of digital technologies to drive innovation to a new level.

It’s time to start preparing the plan of action for these interactive elements and strategize how you could incorporate them into your marketing bucket.

Do you need help in implementing these interactive strategies in your marketing plan?

At V2Solutions, we devise the best interactive marketing strategies that help you get your users hooked and significantly double your business ROI.


Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

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