Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

The pandemic has affected the world economy at large. Brands have also faced the brunt of this global situation and fought to survive the challenging times. Although a few brands have been riding high on marketing and memes, others are still fighting for their survival. 

In such a situation, brands have seen piggybacking on Moment Marketing or Spot Marketing. It allows them to reach out to their target audience at a marginal cost in no time.  

Moment Marketing is an extensively used digital practice in recent times by marketers. We all have been revealing it on social media but are unaware of the terminology – Moment Marketing or Spot Marketing. 

A Deloitte1 digital trend report defined moment marketing as “The ability to take advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous, and often fleeting interactions with customers in real-time.”

Why Are Brands Leveraging on Moment Marketing? What’s the hype about it?

‘Of online consumers, 69% agree that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company's message influences their perception of a brand.’ - The Wall Street Journal 2 .

Brands on social media face cut-throat competition to grab audiences’ attention. A brand can hold the consumer’s attention for around 8 seconds3.

To make your brand move up the ladder, you need to build a strategy around Moment Marketing. You can create quick connections and marketing collaterals by optimizing current and trending events. You can start a conversation revolving around the events and merge it with your brand tonality to strike the right chord to create an impact. It’s that simple! 

Here are a few more reasons that make Moment Marketing a must-have in your marketing plan:

Trends don’t lie; keep your ears open: You can’t stand out as a brand while sticking to the traditional ways of marketing. It’s crucial to implement strategies never tried before and step out of your comfort zone to create a top-of-mind brand recall. Smartly positioning your brand in line with the current events and happenings gives you a competitive edge.

Don’t go-to ideas; let them come to you: You can never go out of ideas when it comes to Moment Marketing. There’s always a new event that takes the internet by the storm. Keep up with the latest trends and events. Make sure to have a touch of humor in your communication, as people love to see their favourite brands engaging with them in a fun manner. 

It’s a two-way street: Moment Marketing encourages consumers to initiate conversations. People not only relate to such content, but they forward it, have a good laugh, or stop for a moment to think or discuss it. The conversations go beyond products and services but create a strong brand recall subtly. In current times, most people get to know about the global events with these pieces of content; that’s how popular Moment Marketing has become.

Memes and Twitter Wars for the win: As per Google Trends 4, memes are becoming more popular among millennials who spend an average of 8 hours per day online. They are your prime targets, and using memes is the way to talk to them and start them talking. Keep a regular tab on what’s trending in the Twitter Space and cash on these trends to stay relevant.  

Let’s look at how brands are leveraging Moment Marketing:

  • Amul – One name that can’t be missed when we mention Moment Marketing is Amul. The brand has been known for making the most of relevant and trending topics since 1996. Their approach to highlighting the current topics by subtly introducing the brand has always created an impact.
    This was when Amitabh Bachchan survived Covid and returned home all healthy & hearty.
  • Amul
  • Swiggy – The recent event that left the internet buzzing was Elon Musk buying Twitter. Brands, in general, had a very spontaneous and witty take on the event. Swiggy is one of the most active brands on social media, and its take on it was pretty funny.
  • Swiggy

  • Netflix - Rasode main Kaun tha : another trend many brands hopped on, especially Netflix. It’s a meme with the creative amalgamation of the famous Netflix series Peaky Blinders and Rasode main Kaun tha that went viral in no time. This crossover got massive audience interaction, and people shared a good laugh; in short – an intelligent plug-in.
  • Netflix
  • Mumbai Police – Talking about the serious issues on a lighter note has been the Moment Marketing Strategy for Mumbai Police. It’s been well received and shared by people on social media. Creating awareness about serious issues or subtly talking about sensitive affairs can go significantly wrong, but somehow Mumbai Police has learned the trick.
  • Mumbai Police
  • Zomato – Zomato has been actively picking Moment Marketing trends and making the most of them. The best thing about the brand is its readiness to indulge in the current trend and add a little wit to it.

    People on social media seem to hugely enjoy its content because:
  • It’s Food
  • It’s creative and fun.

Here’s how Zomato humorously leverages the current topic:


All have successfully driven high engagement with Moment Marketing, from industry giants to
mid-sized brands. So, incorporate Moment Marketing or Spot Marketing in your social media marketing plan and let your brand be the talk of the town.

Hop on and GET. SET. GO.

V2Solutions is a trusted digital transformation partner. The strategic minds in our team help you reach out to a large number of audiences spontaneously, create a strong brand recall, and help you stay relevant by forming a deeper connection with your audience over time.

We know what works for you, and we know how to leverage it for your benefit. Now is the moment, don’t let it slip from your hand!


Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

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