The word Lakshya means aim.

We all have aims that we want to achieve – whether as an individual or as an organization, and our aims/goals drive us.

Sure, the goals for any organization include success, profit making, and customer satisfaction; but organizations, across the globe, are also contributing to their communities, giving back, and creating a positive impact.

Over the years V2Solutions, too, has been involved in various CSR activities. However, this time around we chose to embark on an entirely new journey – and the starting point of this journey was Udaipur, India.

With a special purpose of collaborating on a common desire to promote entrepreneurship and leadership amongst the youth, we signed an MoU on the 21st of August 2019 with the Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies College in Udaipur, for the Training and Placement Support Program 2020 for B. Tech CSE, ECE & MCA Students (Final Year). Both the organisations agreed to undertake the joint program that would empower the youth and prepare them for the professional life ahead.

The MoU serves to create a bridge between the two institutions through expanded learning opportunities for students via the training and placement support program. It also creates a win-win situation – The college’s student receive extensive training and gain exposure to real-life scenarios like learning to manage time & client expectations, thereby making them great candidates for employment. And for us as an organization – we have a group of trained, talented people with the right skillsets who can potentially help us grow.

 So, what does the Training and Placement Support Program entail?

  • We strengthen the academic pursuits of the students in order to cultivate a behaviour of self-learning whilst providing proper guidance and seamless support.
  • We facilitate and offer the students an opportunity for their professional advancement through experimental learning on live Salesforce projects.
  • We provide the best training to the students to shape their career and give them practical exposure to a corporate work-life

This on-going training program’s duration is 6 months and it focuses on the Salesforce domain. Our Salesforce experts deliver the training via interactive virtual and video conferencing classroom.

Being a registered Salesforce Partner, we believe in giving back to the Salesforce Ohana (Community). By providing Salesforce training, our goal is to create better job opportunities and a sustainable career for the students, by crucially increasing their chances of getting inducted into the Salesforce community. Also, as a 1% Pledge partner, we donate 1% of our time, resources, and expertise to create a group of talented, self-assured, and well-trained individuals.

Our Lakshya initiative also enables us to contribute to our Prime Minister’s vision for ‘Digital India’. The objective of the program is to generate innovative ideas and practical solutions that help in transforming our nation and creating opportunities for all citizens harnessing Digital Technologies.

For V2solutions, this endeavor isn’t limited to Salesforce. Giving back is part of our DNA here, because we know the impact it creates on our society. We feel a sense of pride from being socially responsible but at the same time it is also very humbling. We hope to create many more such opportunities to help contribute to our communities and help them grow.

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