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The global pandemic has changed the world. When we look back at this year, we look back upon intense transformation, disruption, and challenges. It’s been quite a challenging year for everyone.

The old ways of doing business have suddenly disappeared overnight and as offices and shops went dark – a new spirit took flight – one that was inspirational, innovative, collaborative, flexible, and above all – the one that refused to quit.

It’s this new spirit that allows us to be resilient and grow towards a braver and a bolder frontier – where digital transformation will help us to be better connected than ever before.

The annual Dreamforce event is now coming to you as a powerful virtual event that will be impactful, exciting, and informative than ever – because we don’t need to be together, to be together.

So, what’s Dreamforce To You 2020?

Dreamforce 2020 is a completely reimagined, customized experience for businesses around the world to inspire, connect, and re-define the blueprint for how to succeed in this all-new, work-from-anywhere world.

This event is the mothership of all the Salesforce conference where the keynote will kick off on Wednesday, December 2 and the DreamTX will take place on December 14 -17, 2020.

This event will bring some insightful and relevant conversations, exciting demos, and showcase Customer 360 innovations geared for the new, all-digital world.

What can you expect at Dreamforce 2020?

1. Customer Success & Innovation –

When things are ambiguous, unclear and when nothing feels certain – agile provides for regular patterns to move work forward. Whether you’re doing a virtual stand up a call with your team members or if you’re reviewing your work every week together, these practices are positive you’re your state of mind that brings a sense of much-needed normalcy.

2. Personalized Meetings that get down to Business –

In these uncertain times, one thing is quite certain, no two-business experience has remained the same in 2020. During this Dreamforce 2020, there will be organized personal meetings that will build your perfect customer 360, tailored as per your business requirements. These knowledge sharing sessions with peer-to-peer advice will not only help you learn to connect your departments but will also provide a single source of truth so that your employees can deliver the best customer experiences, from anywhere.

3. DreamTX –

Expert-led sessions and hands-on training for Trailblazers – no matter what industry you’re in. A space dedicated to various demos, luminary sessions, and a whole lot of Trailblazer love!

There are various opportunities to learn from your peers and moreover, you can give your customers what they need in the new normal. With the help of Dreamforce 2020, we all can succeed together.

Heena Dawnak

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