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And how is it beneficial to your organization?

As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce Org needs to do the same. While it’s arguably the most powerful CRM in the world, Salesforce is only effective when it’s properly updated and maintained.

Business is constantly changing, and to keep up the competition – companies need to be faster and smarter. When implemented correctly, Salesforce is a pretty powerful CRM platform that can help maximize your business. However, managing Salesforce is more than resetting passwords or adding new users.

Salesforce Managed Services

The concept of an outsourced Salesforce administration has been around pretty much since the CRM was launched, there are always other exciting and new options available today – Salesforce Managed Services.

Managed services for Salesforce offer a comprehensive solution aimed at preventing system issues before they impact users and Salesforce-related operations. Put simply, managed services are a proactive way to externally administrate your Salesforce org right from the implementation phase to support and evolution.

The managed service focuses on prevention – before issues can interfere with the management or derail revenue pipeline or disrupt employees. It’s all about adopting a proactive philosophy instead of a reactive philosophy.

What’s the need for Managed Services?

Salesforce is continuously developing, and we understand that this invites even more challenges. Keeping up with and managing with the latest releases, improvements, enhancements, and changes can feel like a full-time job.

With almost a new release twice a year and documentation of around 400 pages, it can be an impossible task without the resources and skills to review, evaluate, and choose which features will benefit your organization.

That’s exactly where a Salesforce Managed Service takes on the responsibility for you. We’ll manage your environment and if required any connected applications. This gives you peace of mind with a transparent and manageable expense. Our Salesforce Managed Service can also provide you with additional flexible support as and when required to allow you to focus on growing your business.

What are the Benefits?

  • Cost Savings –One of the many benefits is the reduced IT costs to your business. For a lesser cost of a full-time Salesforce administrator – you get ultimate scalability, flexibility, and value. By implementing managed services, your annual spending will lessen drastically, and above all – you avoid the additional costs and headaches that rise around training and retention.
  • Diverse Expertise – There’s a tremendous value in owning a wide range of tools in your toolbox. And with managed services, you never really have to worry that you’re missing the right tool for the job. As mentioned earlier, instead of hiring a full-time Salesforce developer and Admin – for example, you’ll have complete access to talented employees in every role, for that matter, and will only need to tap them in for the hours you need their assistance. With managed services support, you get access to our full team of Salesforce experts including Developers, Certified System Administrators, Success Managers, and more.
  • Higher ROI – Having Salesforce Managed Service in your org improves your business operation by letting your staff focus on their required work, instead of dealing with IT problems. It helps you be proactive and fix issues before they even occur thereby saving time and money.
  • Greater Flexibility – When your first start rolling out your org, you will often require a lot of configuration and admin assistance. If at all you decide to build a customer community portal or possibly a mobile application – you will require some dev hours and a lot of custom development one month with more sandbox and release management, the next. Hence, having the flexibility of a team that adapts and adjusts to your specific needs is a huge advantage.

The V2Force Solution

All said and done, when your enterprise Salesforce management is a distant dream for you, as the cost, manpower, and time are not on your hands. All that you should opt for is Salesforce managed services from V2Force. We can support the day-to-day management of a single business unit/solution to the most complex Salesforce environments. With such efficient Salesforce Managed Services from V2Force – your small business is obviously getting ready for the big leap.

Wondering whether Salesforce Managed Services is the optimal fit for your business or not?

Explore the solutions and how our experts can assist you. – Consult Experts.

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