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Ever since V2 started with RPA, the very basic thing that went unanswered was “Effort and Cost” around this whole technology. We went on to get our hands dirty with few RPA platforms to find the answers and in the interim, it was a struggle. There was no way to get answers to simple questions like:

  • How much time does it take to develop a workflow with basic activities? A day, a week, a month or so on?
  • And how much it might cost us to get a license of an RPA platform? ……Within hundreds of dollars, in thousands or in millions: -0 With all honesty, I did not have the near reasonable answer.

So, with that problem statement in mind, we wanted to help everyone to get a first-hand estimate (or call it a guestimate) of simple RPA workflow development. As said earlier, we are just trying to help a business get an idea of whether they are signing up for weeks, months or years…

Calculating the RPA effort estimate for the organization is definitely not an easy task as it is a complex process involving various tasks and multiple tools. Apart from this, the licensing cost involved is also high. Being an expert in the RPA implementation field, we have found a way to make this process easy and quick – RPA calculator. This calculator is just the perfect solution to reach a cost estimation for the RPA efforts required for your organization.

Our aim is to make the RPA implementation process as seamless as possible and RPA calculator is a big step towards that. So, how do we do that? All you need to do is drop events from the list given already and define the number of occurrences. You will get an instant quote on the RPA effort and cost estimator. You can use this quote to further plan your RPA implementation strategy.

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to running a successful business and so is planning. Both these aspects are taken care of by this smart RPA calculator. It saves a lot of time which otherwise you would have invested in calculating the RPA cost and offers you the opportunity to plan your resources well in advance to implement RPA seamlessly.

If you are a business (thinking of implementing RPA) and are in the same boat as we were a year back, take your shot and you won’t miss to Thank us.

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