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Before we dive into this blog, let us first know what exactly is Script-less test automation? If your answer is that it is a form of testing that involves a very simple code and can be performed by a non-technical person having no coding knowledge – then you definitely need to read this blog.

In its simplest definition, script-less test automation enables the testers and the business users to automate test cases without having to worry about the coding. What it does is it helps achieve faster results and reduces the time expended to understand the code.

Let’s look into 4 topmost myths of scriptless testing that seems to be floating in the cyberspace.

Myth 1: There is no script required

Very often test architects try to make the automation frameworks more user friendly and in trying to achieve that, the folks who use the tool are never really exposed to the underlying code – leading people to believe that scriptless coding means no scripts.

Reality: As long as the test automation suite is concerned, it needs to grow organically from within your environment by carefully integrating operational and business logic step by step until it gets to a point where no further scripting is required for people who are using it.

So, the idea is to have your automation experts build a whole library of simple yet exhaustive keywords (which are essentially scripts) that are reusable across tools, applications, and technologies – allowing them to quickly automate tests. You still have to script every new functionality that has to be integrated into the automation framework. Simply put, scriptless is less scripting. It does not mean no scripts.

Myth 2: Scriptless is no different from Record and Playback

To begin with, Record and playback testing are capabilities that users can choose to use to record their tests and play it back to execute them. The recorder then generates scripts automatically whilst the user operates on the application under test. The only downfall to this is that the recorded scripts cannot handle the dynamic situation and are certainly more error-prone since it does not quite perform any validation or error-handling on its own and hence it’s not secure, reliable and sustainable in the long run.

Reality: With a scriptless approach, users can essentially use the readily available reusable scripts. These are more robust, secure, and maintainable as they are not only built by the best technology but are thoroughly tested.

Myth 3: Goodbye Automation Experts

We got a scriptless automation framework ready, now why do we need automation experts?

Reality: Although scriptless test automation allows the manual testers to automate test cases quickly – you still do require your best automation architects on board to prioritize tests – what to and what not to automate, test-data planning, and to extend the script-less framework by writing scripts, if required. Your automation experts lead the way and are the owners of your test automation suites.

Script-less automation offers the ability to use the best of both worlds i.e. to achieve faster automation by allowing you to leverage your current team’s strengths.

Myth 3: Scriptless Test Automation is not maintainable and reliable

As testers/business users can automate test scenarios just by clubbing English like keywords that don’t require any programming language or technical skills, the test suite will soon become difficult to maintain.

Reality: Script-less test automation is a well-planned, methodical, yet a very flexible approach to handle every type and range of complexities an application under test has to offer. It essentially eliminates the complexities of test automation tools by building a layer on top thereby allowing functional users to automate.

A well-designed script-less approach manages complete traceability of all the reusable components and maps dependencies throughout the test automation lifecycle – this end-to-end traceability helps users to identify the change impact and allows easier change adoption with reduced maintenance efforts to arise from any little change in the objects and/or the workflow.

This layer houses scripts at a much granular level that can be scaled across multiple technologies, applications, and automation tools.


Script-less automation is less about getting away with from coding and more about getting your functional experts and architects to automate using their expertise by giving them a platform that ensures reliable, secure, and highly efficient quality automation.

Heena Dawnak

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