Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

Making a mark in the real world and Social Media are two different things. No matter how successful a Brand you are in the real world, around 69% of Marketers rely1 on Social Media to add Value by building Brand Awareness. So, if you're not dominating the Social Media world, you might be lagging.

Now, the next question that might have popped into your mind is - WHERE TO START?

Well, there are many aspects to conquering the Social Media space. But first things first – you need to start by considering what to say and how to say it - Understanding & Decoding the skill to craft a Social Media Copy.

Now, you must be thinking about why we are stressing the term ‘Social Media Copy.’ For the simplest reason, it is entirely a different ball game than writing regular content or copy for any other medium.

But don’t stress! We’ve curated a list of Social Media Copy-Creation Guidelines for all new to the Social Media world and even those who’ve been here for long but still struggling to establish their grounds.

Here are 3 simple ways for you all to create more Liked, Loved, Shared, and Saved copies for different Social Media Platforms:

1) Brand Guidelines - Who You are on Social Media says a Lot About How Your Future is Going to Be

Imagine your Brand as a person and think about how you want people to perceive you. Crack the tone of voice you want to follow.

You don’t necessarily have to be serious all the time. Even if you’re in a serious business, you can present yourself as someone who takes humor to convey serious messages.  It is observed that people connect more with light-hearted messages than preachy serious ones. Although there’s an Audience for both types of Messaging, you need to decide which path you want to take.

Mumbai Police’s Instagram page is the best example of giving serious messages to the public in the most fun and relatable manner.

Mumbai Police’s Instagram

At first, it might seem a bit too complicated to draw Brand Guidelines, but you’ll get the hang of it as you go about it. However, taking the help of a Professional will make it much easier and more organized for you.

2) Goal setting – Having a Goal Gives You a Direction; otherwise, You are just Lost & Surviving

When designing a Campaign, you must be clear about the End Objective you want to achieve.

Firstly, there are numerous Social Media platforms for different kinds of Audiences. Then there are multiple goals you would like to accomplish at other points of your Brand Journey. You need to set multiple filters for how your Brand will shape up on Social Media. Always remember when your message reflects your objectives, the results follow.

Your goal can be just branding or spreading awareness in the beginning. Then you can proceed to get more Clicks, Shares, Conversions, etc. You can also have a focused goal to increase the number of Followers, Likes, or Engagement on your posts. You should be clear about your goals and plan your campaigns accordingly, otherwise, you’ll be vaguely existing as a Social Media Brand that only a few people know exists.

For instance, for the following post of the Cosmetic Brand Sugar2, the objective is very clear, i.e., to get more Engagement through the giveaway.


So, when the goal is clear, you know what to say exactly and how to say it. Create a Plan of Action and follow it rigorously throughout.

3) Social Media Platforms -'One size fits all' Strategy doesn’t Work for Different Social Media Platforms

There are different Social Media platforms for a reason. You don’t get a similar set of Audiences on all of them. Since the Audience is different, the message can’t be the same. The language should be such that they can understand easily and connect with the most. In addition, you need to follow different sets of guidelines while promoting your brand on different platforms.

Let’s deep dive and understand how your Brand can make it work on all the Platforms:

  • Instagram: Unlike other channels, Instagram is not used for Long-Form Content. It is widely used to share Pictures and Videos. But still, supportive content plays a vital role in driving the Target Audience's attention. At the same time, it should be noted that the cut-off for the Instagram caption is the first three lines. The Hero copy should be covered in the first three lines with important details like a CALL TO ACTION. The rest of the information, like Hashtags, Mentions, etc., can come after that.

    When talking about Hashtags, incorporate the most used Hashtags in your copy. Tools like Hootsuite3, TINT4, Hashtagify5 etc. can help you find the best Hashtags. You can use up to 8 Hashtags to get the best results.

    India has the highest number of Instagram users6 worldwide. The platform gives access to Global Audiences, out of which a whopping 249 million users are from India. So, not tapping this platform means losing an opportunity to engage with many Audiences.
  • Facebook: In general, Facebook is not preferred by users for Long-Form Content like Stories. As per Buffer7, Facebook posts with up to an 80-character limit tend to get 66% higher Engagement. Also, Visual Content generates 2.3x more Engagement than copy-heavy content. 76% of users visit Facebook for Blog Posts, Videos, etc. But a brief and attention-grabbing text giving more insights drives more users to the content. This channel is primarily suitable for a 65+ Audience, whereas, with smart content, you might get the attention of the right set of audience.

    Around 37% of Facebook users will end up making purchases on Facebook, making it an ideal Platform for Social Commerce. 7% of Gen-Z users might quit Facebook in 20238, while it’s still the most popular Social Platform for the age group of 25-34.

  • Twitter: If you’re new to Twitter or an old player, you must know about the transitions Twitter as a platform will experience. Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the Micro-Blogging Platform will increase the 280-character limit to 4000.9

    As per statistics, you can get 21% more Engagement if you use 1-2 Hashtags.

India ranks 3rd with 23.6 million Userbases on Twitter10. So, if you’re a Brand trying to make it big on Social Media, you can’t miss Twitter. Abide by all the Content Guidelines and reach out to people across the globe. Here’s a data of the leading countries based on the number of Twitter users:

Twitter users

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a Social Media channel extensively used to connect Professionals across the globe. You can use it to network with Professionals in your circle, know about the latest developments in your field, and share information with others in your circle.

    Focusing on InMails can be an excellent strategy for 2023. Around 65% InMail responses arrive within 24 hours, and 90% within 7 days. Keep LinkedIn messages as short as 400 words to gain a 22% higher response rate than average11.


So, if you’re thinking of getting the right audience on LinkedIn, make sure to stick to the Guidelines mentioned above.

  • Snapchat : Snapchat is out and out a Visual Content-Driven Platform. So, it is advised not to deviate the users with lengthy or too much content. The character limit for Snapchat is just 80 characters12 per post.

    However, with the CALL TO ACTION like Read or Watch on your Snapchat story (a compilation of Snaps posted over the last 24 hours), you can redirect users to the Longer Form of Content. But you’ll have to spend some extra amount for the same as this feature is available only for ads and not for organic usage.

You can REPURPOSE Content from One Channel and Generate Traffic on another Platform.

Creating a Compelling Copy for Social Media is not Rocket Science if you plan it well. But for that, you must Consult an EXPERT. At V2Solutions, we put our Knowledge of Social Media Platforms to good use and utilize it for the Brands. Whether you want to Revamp your Brand, Launch your Brand, or Grow your Digital Media Presence, we do it for you and help you EVOLVE, like we have been doing for Brands over the years.


Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

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