Achieiving Human Productivity & Creativity

Perhaps you must have heard about a new algorithm that can drive a car? Invent a recipe? Or even scan a picture and find your face in a busy ongoing crowd? It looks as though every week companies are finding new uses of the algorithm that adapt as they encounter new data.

Wired quoted an ex-Google employee as saying that “Everything in the company is really driven by machine learning

Machine learning has a tremendous potential to transform companies far more than the mundane jobs of robots. There is a lot of talk in the tech town about how machine-learning models and bots are taking away jobs and replacing employees in every industry. Well, this isn’t some far-off, in the future concept that I am talking about, machine learning models are already acting as managers of people.

From companies like Uber, Lyft, YouTube, Soundcloud – have already started managing people using machine learning models instead of people. All these companies manage people and their means of creativity and productivity with algorithms and models.

These companies manage everything – from creating content, performance to minimal human interactions. Machine learning allows companies to personalize their experience across different channels which were otherwise not possible.

Uber/Lyft – Achieving Human Productivity

US ride hailing public companies Uber and Lyft have increasingly revolutionized transportation.

Uber drivers complete 14 million rides each day, while Lyft’s 1.4 million drivers have served 23 million passengers with over one billion rides as of September 2018, according to prospectuses the companies provided for their IPOs this spring.


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Uber: Improving Communication with One Click Chat

Imagine if you’re standing curbside waiting for an Uber to pick you up, and as the dispatched car icon on your mobile screen remains frustrating farther from your location, that prompts you to use the app to send the message to the driver – “Is everything okay? “or may be “Could you reach sooner?”

If your Uber driver responds to you whilst driving that is both a safety risk and in many cases, illegal.

To provide a safe and secure pick-up experience for the driver and the rider, Uber data scientists have created a new concept – One-Click Chat, a Mobile feature on the UberChat that allows fast, dynamic and a much-personalized smart experience with real-time responses.

Uber Senior Data Scientist Yue Weng explained: “One-click chat addresses some text messaging-related driver-partner safety concerns and provides a more stress-free on-trip experience. It leverages a combination of unsupervised and supervised [machine learning] methods.”

UberChat - One Click Chat

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All of this is achieved with littles or no human intervention. Uber drivers don’t ever really interact with their human bosses. Instead, their livelihoods are dictated by a machine learning model far off in a server located somewhere – instructing them that they need to go to the 4th Street in a rush hour to pick up Vishwanath who need to go the airport.

This manager also listens to customer rating and reviews at scale (something that wasn’t attainable before). This basically ensures the drivers to behave even without people observing them.

The algorithm will even provide tips and techniques to improve their rating, if at all it falls…

Both Uber and Lyft are more than just platforms. They have created middle-management at scale. from Real time optimization to seamless one-click chat mobile functionality – they manage to review and attempt to improvise customer experience with minimal human intervention.

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YouTube & SoundCloud – Managing Creativity

There are more than 1.9 billion users logged in to YouTube each month who watch more than a billion hours of video every. single. day. Every minute, YouTube creates upload 300 hours of videos to the platform. With such a huge number of users, the level of creativity and content – it does make sense to take the optimal advantage of the power to machine learning and AI to help operations.

The YouTube algorithm changes as per the trends that boosts creativity and the content of videos created by creators – such algorithms can make or break your channel. Well kudos to you if you get noticed by such algorithms – you are automatically skyrocketed to an internet fame.

Some people don’t realize that YouTube algorithm plays like an agent. It observes and assesses what’s popular and trending with their audiences as according to the demographics – and then it picks and chooses talent that matches the current needs.

Such algorithms don’t just dictate what the content will be it simultaneously drives creativity. something like fidget spinners could be trendy! This algorithm replaces the managers who goes around to all the dive bars listening to Beatles, it will test new artists and creators to see what they happen to like and what the audience wants – and suddenly that’s the #1 Trending video on YouTube.

Think about SoundCloud. It works the same way YouTube does. One such example is of Lil Nas X who used this very clever technique to help drive his song “Old town road” to the top. He created a hybrid song that then became a Billboard #1 Song!

Oddly, such new algorithms and machine learning models drives creativity, gives the agility to express than the typical managers allow. They seem to give room for people to experiment with new ideas when it comes to content.

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