Our client, a leading research company in the direct-to-consumer television industry, invariably intends to help Agencies, Advertisers, Media/Production Houses, and Retailers, make informed decisions through real-time brand ranking and multi-dimensional spend data analysis.

The client had meticulously collected data for over eight years using their proprietary ETL-based platform, which helped their customers to get the most desired choices. The mammoth volume of data was their key asset for growth; hence, it was imperative to leverage it perfectly.

It was at this phase that the client decided to transmute towards digitalization. They were looking for a solution that supported easy data visibility and accelerated their digital transformation journey.

Our client’s goal was to help the brands/advertisers by:

  • Providing real-time competitive intelligence reports to justify the ROI and optimize their TV and video advertisement investments.
  • Building the largest advertiser contact database, which will help their clients in targeting new prospects.
  • Helping them monitor networks, advertisers, or brands being launched on television across 190 industry categories.

How did they plan on achieving this:

They planned to launch a subscription-based platform that would be a one-stop solution for their customers. It would provide same-day Competitive Intelligence for all DRTV (Direct response television) campaigns across 120+ Networks. The platform also intended to help them in making informed advertisement investment decisions and created a pool of advertiser database.

Hence, to turn their vision into reality, the client required a dependable digital partner who could help them develop the platform from scratch. They also needed a helping hand in building the largest advertiser contacts & data repository through data and media research work.

V2Solutions was the most befitting choice for them, where every requirement of the client met its solution.

See how we started our journey from 2015 and helped bring our client's vision to reality with our multiple Digital Transformation capabilities:

Digital Engineering: Developed a leading subscription-based platform and built reporting mechanism from a Single Ranking weekly Report to delivering the report in real-time.

Digital Workforce: Built the industry’s largest contact database repository, which contains searchable advertisers' information like- Name, Social Profiles, Email Address etc.

Digital Automation: Removed the woes of repetitive manual work. A bot was placed to scrap adds data in various formats such as spot, 5 and 28.5 minute from internet.

All the teams collaborated seamlessly to provide a holistic solution to our client. Our client software is LIVE in the market and delivering tremendous results to their end-customers.

Where human ingenuity and tech come together to drive digital transformation

About the client

Our client is the market leader in real-time cross-platform TV ad measurement and attribution. Their platform measures the business and brand impact of TV advertising and provides fast, accurate, and actionable data that enables brands/advertisers to justify and optimize their TV and video investments.

The client's analytics platform is the first of its kind for direct TV sales. It has more than 100 networks and 24 million airing data, which enables media houses to make informed decisions through real-time brand ranking and multi-dimensional spend data analysis. Along with it, the platform also monitors all creative lengths, including spot, 5-minute, and 28.5-minute formats, and provides same-day Competitive Intelligence reports to its users.

Solution I Laying The Groundwork

The client started the journey by connecting with us with their requirements and goals. The client wanted to convert their challenge of exponential data growth into an opportunity and derive real-time analytics at a faster rate.

Being cognizant of the goals, we initiated the project. Leveraging our business understanding gained over the years, we identified the core areas to be focused on:

  • Develop subscription-based software.
  • Activate Real-Time reporting mechanism, build, update, and maintain the industry's largest advertiser’s database.
  • Uplift repetitive Manual work for fetching adds data online.

Our Digital Transformation Capabilities

Digital Engineering – Turning your ideas into reality

As our client wanted us to develop a subscription-based model that could provide quick and real-time analytics of the advertisement and brand data, our Digital Engineering experts kicked off the development of software.

The results of Digital Engineering team’s work are:

  • The platform was built on AngularJS Single Page Application framework.
  • The APIs were developed using Slim PHP framework and database in MySQL.
  • Improved architecture setup with LAMP stack; we enabled the client to fetch analytics in an optimized way.
  • The client was able to offer same-day Competitive Intelligence for all DRTV (Direct response television) campaigns across 100+ Networks.
  • Implemented API integration with ZOHO CRM for customer engagement and relationships.
  • Enabled end users to draw real-time reports with large data sets for lifetime spend analysis.

Digital Automation - We extract your data so you can focus on Insights

Once the reporting mechanism and contact repository were setup, our team of Digital Automationexperts pitched in to automate the manual process of maintaining the aired advertisements data.

  • Precisely designed software bots to extract the adds data in various formats such as spot, 5 and 28.5 minute on a timely basis.
  • The bot extracted the data over the internet, checked for duplicates, and if the content was unique, the data was placed into the client's database within appropriate folders with the stated naming convention.
  • The bot resolved the technical glitches of downloading video adds manually, as the bot could download the videos into any format.

Digital Workforce- Simplifying Data Management Needs

Once our Digital Engineering team built robust subscription-based software, our Digital Workforceteam came into the picture for creating and maintaining the industry's largest advertiser's contact database.

The results of Digital Workforce team’s work are:

  • Well-researched and aptly collected contacts for each advertiser account and their respective social media information.
  • Company history published, including physical address, social media links, contact number, and key contacts, which are related to marketing and sales CC-level contacts (Managers and Directors) in the CRM tool.
  • Our QC team ensured that the data researched was accurately uploaded to the CRM.
  • Conducted account audits of contact databases regularly; if anomalies were found, updated, and corrected the details like phone number, email address etc.

Making a Difference

V2Solutions was able to help the client transform digitally and drive success using the subscription model. They could easily rely on us at every step of their digitalization journey.

We helped the client build their software, provide real-time reports, maintain a contact database, and searchable aired adds data. Our unique approach to strategy and technology enabled us to provide a holistic solution to the client.

Impact on End Users

  • Client was able to offer same-day Competitive Intelligence for all DRTV (Direct response television) campaigns across 120+ Networks.
  • With real-time reports, the end users were able to make an analysis of how and where they should invest in advertising.
  • With the help of the industry's largest contact database, the end users were able to find any advertiser or brand information in seconds, as it was easier than ever before to identify, qualify, and contact these valuable targeted prospects.
  • The end users were able to keep track of all the new advertisers and brands being launched on television across 190 industry categories. Based on this, they could schedule daily or weekly email alerts for any categories, networks, advertisers, or brands they wished to monitor.

Creating an Impact with the Right Solution

The visual representation of data using bar charts, line charts, and graphs helped the end customers analyze real-time airing data, daily as well as hourly.
The bot eliminated the repetitive work of visiting the internet, capturing the data, duplicate segregation, etc. Initially, a team of four resources was required to complete the task manually. Post implementation, the resources were reduced to two.
With a bot in place each time a spot or infomercial is aired, it can be detected without manual intervention.
Over 30,000+ records were researched and updated in the contact database.​
Over 10,000+ emails of the key contacts were validated and updated.

Regardless of where you are in your Digital Transformation journey, let us help you evolve by leveraging the best-in-class technologies.

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