About the Client

Headquartered in the U.S., the client is an online financing marketplace startup. They provide tailor-made credit services to businesses and individuals. The client endeavors to provide easy and transparent financing at the Point of service applications.

Business Needs

Our client envisioned launching a point-of-service loan application for both borrowers and providers. The objective was to create a modern, user-friendly fintech application where borrowers and providers could easily leverage financing options in a secure, easy, and convenient environment.

Our Solution

  • Our development, design, and testing teams worked with the client to understand their requirements and followed the prerequisites while designing the application.
  • As our client was very specific about their application design, they provided us with sketched layouts of the application wireframe. We defined every detail of the application based on the layouts.

Robust Website Development

  • Our team designed and established a Microservice Infrastructure with 99.9% availability. This architecture is highly scalable and cost-effective, seamlessly aligning with operational budgets.
  • By leveraging Infrastructure as Code for setup, we ensured an agile setup process that simplifies maintenance and optimization.
  • We proposed the entire AWS infrastructure, along with the security and architecture.
  • A thorough third-party infrastructure audit helped with SOC Type 1 and Type 2 certification, reaffirming the robustness of the solution.
  • The application was built using React, and we delivered Borrower, Merchant, and Admin modules with Reactjs as the front end and Nodejs in the backend.
  • Drools platform was used to define the Business rules.

User-friendly Design

  • A user-centric approach was pivotal in crafting a trustworthy and visually captivating design aligned with the brand's core values.
  • We gained insights into the client's business landscape, audience, and competitors during the discovery phase. Our team laid out a strategic design plan involving wireframes, user flow, and content hierarchy.
  • A complete brand identity package was developed, including logo creation, color palette, and typography, contributing to a consistent visual identity.
  • The result was a modern, user-friendly website and app that exhibited the financial products and resonated deeply with the target audience.

Automated Quality Assurance

  • Our QA experts set up end-to-end Automation and Performance tests for the client to ensure a quality product is delivered and reduce the testing efforts.
  • We did Automation Testing using Selenium to ensure coverage and created a performance suite with 50-100 concurrent user threads hitting the same server simultaneously for validation.
  • The API testing was done for around 50 APIs, and DB testing was done by running 20-25 SQL Queries.
  • Our experts covered 75% of regression test cases(functional) and did multiple validations in every sprint as per the government/bank norms.
  • We validated over 600 test cases and automated over 450 test cases. We also validated many rules, like the Fico score, which will help in loan validation.

Creating Strategic Branding

  • We drove the application further with our branding methods.
  • Our team worked on designing the website logo and creating the marketing content to display a confident brand.
  • We interacted with the client daily to verify whether the branding aligned with their perspective.

Tech Stack: ReactJs, Nodejs, AWS, Drool


Exceptional Customer Experience: Delivered exceptional customer experience as a result of the solutions provided by our development, design, and testing teams:


The UI design resonated with the target audience, enhancing the customer experience and boosting engagement.


The high availability led to hassle-free access to the application platform.


The meticulously verified application gave a seamless experience to the end customer.

Established brand identity: The branding strategy helped the client establish a consistent visual identity across all marketing channels, making it a recognized brand.

Business Growth: The upgraded application and proactive branding methods significantly widened the application's reach and created notable growth.

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