A large human population world-wide suffers from mental ailments like depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Our client wanted to provide a solution that could help people get rid of their woes and achieve a holistic approach to personal and spiritual growth. ​

Their dream was to create a hub of information easily obtainable for mental and spiritual growth.

They intended to create a comprehensive resource that acted as a repository and provided personalized support. The finishing objective was an intuitive, multi-feature website to severe the purpose.

Transforming our client’s dream turns into reality was our goal from the onset of the project. The trust invested in our capabilities fueled energy during every hurdle and we were able to create the first-ever digital platform for emotional healing.

The use case explains our journey of bringing the client's Vision into reality using our Digital Transformation capabilities i.e.

  • a Digital Engineering team to build their websitespan
  • a Digital Workforce team that ensured end-to-end standardization of data assets, and
  • a Digital Experience team to help them increase their brand reach.

All the teams collaborated seamlessly to provide a holistic solution to our client.

The Client's Vision

FindCenter's goal was to provide people with

  • A support system along their journeys of personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual connection.
  • Curating insights and inspiration about the human condition.
  • Organizing them to make them accessible and useful to a broad audience.

How did they plan to achieve this noble goal?

The client required the first-ever social platform that bridges the gap between the self-improvement market with a dynamic and navigable database. The platform was aimed to make information about all the wisdom traditions and practices accessible worldwide.

Hence, the client was looking for a Digital Transformation Partner to build a website from scratch. They also intended to store and manage the data in a manner that was easily accessible to their customer.

Where human ingenuity and tech come together

The journey started with the client sharing their dream and we initiated by gathering the right resources to access and organize data easily. Two processes that were to play key roles were:

  • Seamlessly Collating the Available information
  • Create a search functionality

We ran into an issue as collating the information was tedious, manual, and not feasible in the long run.

Laying the Groundwork

The issues were resolved by building an Easy-to-use Data Collection Tool. The tool could collect the information from various sources using API calls and create a holistic solution via third-party libraries like:

  • YouTube APIs: To collect descriptions of the various resources like videos and podcasts on YouTube
  • ISBN DB APIs: To collect information about personal development books.
  • IMDB APIs: To collect information about movies pertaining to spiritual growth
  • Zoom APIs: To host podcasts with various motivational speakers airing on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The team also integrated the website with Hubspot CRM to collect feedback from users and enhance their email marketing strategy by increasing their subscriber base and sending them personalized newsletters.

Our Digital Transformation Capabilities

Perspectives and Insights into the latest Technology and Business Trends.

Taking it one step ahead

In the process of collating the available information, our Digital Engineering team developed robust search functionality. It helped users to easily navigate through the website.

The users could search for any resource by surfing through relevant topics based on their interests, favorite authors and personalized identities. The keywords can be. Few examples are "I am a Mother" or "I am an Athlete," and/or based on customized themes like "Connection and Relationships," "Finding Inner Peace" etc.

Users can now get personalized recommendations, subscribe to free classes, save their favorites, share with others, and add to their customized collections.

There's more to the story

The website was up and running, but the job was halfway done. The project required increased reach of the website by increasing brand awareness so that the client could reach their intended audience around the world.

That's where our Digital Experiencesteam came into play.

  • With our expertise, the team delivered value to the client using a comprehensive approach. The task involved diversified range of SEO practices like Image Optimization that improved the page load speed, resulting in a higher website rank on search results.
  • We optimized their website by updating content and regularly adding relevant, targeted, secondary keywords to their metadata – this increased their website visitors by 44k in a short span of 4 months.

Streamlining the process for Seamless Data Management

After streamlining the data collation, our Digital Workforceteam came into play. They managed everything data research and data enrichment seamlessly.

  • We went through all the assets on the client's website, standardized and streamlined their data. It comprises of various artists/author names (including the life status and reputation checks), descriptions of videos, poems, movies, and books, and managed them in the right format.
  • The team monitored and validated all the courses entered in Data Collection Tool, identified their source websites, and added new qualified courses when available.
  • Additionally, we also found out if there were any broken links, website server issues, or redirecting issues. They were fixed using broken/missing links or replaced with alternate links on a regular basis. Our resources worked day-in and day-out to make sure that the data was regularly updated.

The cumulative effect was centralization of data, where users could access relevant, up-to-date information at any given point in time, leading to a better customer experience.

Also, the client wanted to monetize their data (resources) on their website, so we helped them by creating Amazon affiliate links to their resources (Books, courses, etc.), thereby driving revenue/ contributing to their revenue.

Achieving Delivery Excellence

The team encountered several challenges during on the journey to bring our make the client’s dream come true. One of these was the unavailability of resources due to the pandemic. We quickly adapted and brought in the reserve team to ensure we met our timelines and delivered the outcomes.

The team went above and beyond to understand new tools and incorporate them seamlessly into the client's product ecosystem.

Making a Difference. Creating an Impact with the Right Solution

We were able to help clients transform digitally, solve their toughest battles, and drive success. They could easily rely on us at every step throughout their journey.

V2Solutions helped the client build their website, brand, and ambitions at a scale. Our unique approach to strategy and technology enabled us to provide a holistic solution to the client.

Client Testimonial

"I was thinking how I could do something more scalable? I realized I could hone my technology skills to build a platform that would help more and more people. That's where the idea for FindCenter was born. Taking the world's wisdom of all time and geography but bringing it together and making it accessible to people."

Neal Goldman, CEO

The Path Ahead

The first version of the platform went live in the market with resounding success. A significant proportion of the website was created to enable self-help information and tools to manage anxiety and depression.

We are slowly in the process of rolling out some amazing features that equip their customers with handy insights, coping strategies, and third-party referral options that are reliable, relevant, and easily accessible to them.

V2Solutions team will now continue to add new, exciting features and enhance the platform. We will also work with the client to create a native mobile application for iOS and Android.

Regardless of where you are in your Digital Transformation journey, we solve your business problems by leveraging the best technologies and precise, proven processes.

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