About the Client

Our client is one of the leading retail mortgage lenders in the USA. Their portfolio has an extensive range of products, from conventional and jumbo mortgages to government-insured programs for veterans and rural home buyers to programs that enable their customers to make full-cash offers.

Business Needs

The client manually managed their customers' data, making the process slow and unreliable. They also used different third-party applications like Salesforce, Encompass, and Blend for customizations and adding new features, which was time-consuming and costly.

Hence, the client wanted to modernize their business applications using advanced technologies and create their online presence.

Our Solution

  • We collaborated with the client's product/technical team to understand the existing process and design an appropriate solution.
  • The V2 team planned to develop in-house applications that would centralize processes and reduce dependency on 3rd party tools.
  • We migrated the data from the third-party applications to our new application.
  • .Net7 MVC was used for form generation, making the development of new forms flow faster. Hence, adding new features or forms became user-friendly.
  • Our UI experts understood client's needs, preferences, and behaviors to design UIs that resonated with them and provided seamless experiences across different channels.
  • We leveraged responsive web design frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma, which led to increased customer reach and gave a 360-degree view of the customers' data.
  • Our team implemented several features like:
  • Integration of Lead Generation/Transmission from various external lead sources (FB/Eventbrite/Twilio, etc.) and campaigns.
  • Landing pages for getting user leads.
  • Rule engine based Global pixel tracking.
  • Over 800 simplified web forms for a loan application on Encompass, Preapproval letter service to improve the marketing and loan processing functions.
  • To help our client efficiently manage the Leads, Alerts, and Actions raised by loan officers and Branch managers, we implemented features such as Impersonation of users, Auto Dialer, preference center, preapprovals, etc.
  • Our QA team identified early bugs and gaps in staging/test environments before the features were rolled out to production.
  • We performed end-to-end testing, Regression, API, and DB testing as part of the QA execution to certify the applications before rolling them out to the market.
  • We performed automated testing for the live features to run daily regression tests to catch issues proactively.
  • Additionally, we helped our client automate their onboarding and offer letter generation process.
  • We designed the solution based on the deep domain knowledge gained from 10 years of experience, giving the client confidence to explore new business avenues with challenging deadlines.

Tech Stack:

  • UX : Vulma framework, HTML 5, CSS3 /SCSS
  • UI : Vue3 + typescript, Nodejs
  • API : .NET 7 Web API, Hangfire job
  • Database : MongoDB, MsSql


Successfully Running Online: Our client created their online presence through a smooth transition and is running successfully.

Enhanced customer experience: The application enhanced the customer experience and helped increase the customer reach.

Increased Revenue: The tools/applications helped our client increase the reliability of their system, leading to an increase in revenue.

Reduced the License Costs: The in-house CRM tools helped reduce the number of third-party tools and made the business more profitable.

Decreased Operational Costs: Implementing various features helped our client improve the efficiency of their business unit, resulting in decreased operational costs.

Easing the Business Process: The high-quality online applications/portals incorporated in the Loan Officer data management module brought ease to the business.

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