About the Client

Our client is a #1 digital resource for today’s pet parents. They offer a modern approach to pet health and wellness that is easy, convenient, and affordable.

Business Need

The client was looking for a partner who could help them establish a fully functional automatic deployment framework with the versatility to deploy across various environments (Dev, QA, and Prod). Additionally, the solution was needed to facilitate hotfix deployment, create multiple pipelines, enforce approvals, and implement Gates between the environments for enhanced security.

Our Solution

Through a meticulous process of review and feedback, we crafted a robust structure that perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements:

Meticulous Process
  • Our experts deployed the framework on four different environments:
    • QA-Smoke
    • Works as a dev environment.
    • Runs unit test cases.
    • No approvals are required for deployments.
    • All (API, 5 web Apps, and DB) reside on the same server.
    • QA Test
    • Works as a QA environment.
    • Runs automation test cases.
    • Approvals are required for deployments.
    • All (API, 5 web Apps, and DB) reside on the same server.
    • Stagging
    • Works as a Prod backup.
    • Approvals are required for deployments.
    • Each Web App, API, and DB resides on different servers.
    • Production
    • The Production server.
    • Approvals are required for deployments.
    • Each Web App, API, and DB resides on different servers.
    • The package will be swapped from Stagging.

Achieving Delivery Experience

Our DevOps implementation significantly demonstrated a remarkable transformation in efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Effortless Code Integration: Code is continuously integrated as soon as it’s committed to Git
  • Swift Bug Identification: Continuous deployment to the Dev environment allowed for quick verification of fixes, averting potential outages and identifying key issues that can lead to bugs and vulnerabilities before reaching production.
  • Automated Testing: Automatic execution of Unit test cases before deployment. No deployment will be done if tests fail, and reports will be published.
  • Agile Release Management: Facilitated a smooth management process for Sprint releases and hotfix deployments.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Provided flexibility to deploy the entire solution or individual components (which are modified) like UI, API, Reports, etc.

Tech Stack

Azure Repos
Azure BLOB
Azure SQL Server
.Net Core Runtime
Azure Pipelines


Our solution brought about a transformative impact, delivering substantial benefits:

Significant Reduction in lead time: The lead time was reduced to 8 mins from 45 mins.

Elevated data security: DevOps implementation increased security test pass rates
from 60% to 85%.

Reduced failure rates: The implementation reduced post-change failure rates from 77% to a mere 12%.

Reduced Mean Time: The new setup helped minimize the mean time for restoring services from 30 minutes to 2 minutes.

Enhanced the Frequency of Deployment: DevOps helped boost deployment production frequencies from once in 4 weeks to once in 2 weeks and QA frequency from once a week to daily.

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