About the Client

The client is a recognized and certified Managed Service Provider (MSP), cloud services, and ops company. They provide solutions for hybrid and end-to-end cloud services, including consultation on cloud strategy, migration, implementation, DevOps, and Big Data to its customers.

Business Need

Considering the enhancements in the technological setup of their customers, our client wanted to align themselves with the new system. They required data to be migrated from the existing AWS cloud (Lambdas and Microservices) to the new AWS environment.

The client sought support with DevOps-GitHub and cloud expertise in migrating and deploying all services to the new Dev environment, following the AWS best practices with a deadline of 15 business days.

Our Solution

The V2Solutions team was able to leverage their industry-leading experience and domain expertise with the current team of certified cloud support experts to build and deploy over 40 Lambdas along with 30 microservices to the new Dev environment in a new AWS account.

  • The team helped clone the Azure DevOps Repository using Visual Studio and implemented the modifications in the new variables from the existing branches to build, deploy, and run the new pipeline in the new environment.
  • The V2 team successfully migrated all the Lambdas and Microservices from the AWS environment to the newly created AWS Dev environment as per the requirements in 12 days, 3 days before the deadline.

Tech Stack

Silk Test
Soap UI


Enhanced Security: The successful consolidation of data post-migration; enhanced data security, without any data loss during transition.

Cost Efficiency: Migration of data to a single cloud location reduced the cost of data management significantly.

Instilled flexibility: The process induced flexibility to adapt to new technological and infrastructure upgrades.

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