About the Client

The client is based in the United States and provides digital biblical resources to their customers, such as e-books, church products, mobile apps, and more.​

Business Needs

  • The client had 2 different business models –
  • The first was a B2C business model selling e-books, reading material, and biblical resources to individuals.
  • The other was a B2B business model that sold these products directly to churches.
  • They acquired a new company with a B2B model and sold their products, like digital biblical resources, to churches. The acquired company had a different tech stack compared to the parent company.

Problem Statement

  • The client used 2-3 different platforms for storing customer information, engaging with customers, and handling payments, which was cumbersome.
  • They wanted a seamless migration from these tools to Salesforce to make their processes more efficient and teams more productive.
  • The client was also dealing with poor customer service due to slow turnaround times.
  • They wanted to streamline their customer service and support process to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.


Streamlining Sales:

  • The acquired B2B team used an old CRM, Freshdesk, to store customer data. They used 2 separate tools for payment processing - Recurly for subscription-based payments (monthly/annual) and Converge for all one-time payments.
  • Managing two payment tools was tedious and inconvenient, so our client wanted both tools migrated to a single Salesforce package.
  • The V2 team did a custom implementation in Salesforce for One-Time payments, allowing our client to process shipping charges alongside the total amount. It also enabled handling payments for multiple products simultaneously.
  • The B2C team, on the other hand, stored all their customer information on Business Desk, but the client wanted to migrate that information to Salesforce, too.
  • We integrated Business Desk with Salesforce using REST APIs and provided two-way synchronization between the two platforms. While customer information was stored in Salesforce, Business Desk was still used for tracking opportunities, creating quotes, pricing, and updating preferences to not call/email frequently.
  • We developed a Custom Alerts functionality in which all custom alerts (how frequently the customer wants emails/calls to be received) and custom tag information for various clients were imported into Salesforce via REST APIs.

Transforming Customer Service:

  • The client had several email addresses for customer service. It was challenging to resolve issues quickly because they received approximately 100 non-threaded emails daily, and responding to multiple emails was time-consuming.
  • Our team implemented email-to-case for all Lines of Business (LOBs) to address this challenge. When an email query was sent, a case was created in Salesforce, and an automated response was sent to the customer.
  • We created a custom functionality in which if a customer replied to the auto-response email with additional questions, the email was automatically threaded to the previous one, allowing agents to have all the customer's information and queries in one place.
  • We added multilingual service capabilities via The chat function we built for the team enabled the timely resolution of queries. Any query could be quickly redirected to the Sales or Support team based on the nature of the query for the next steps.
  • We also implemented a knowledge base in Salesforce so that the teams could create and maintain a one-stop repository of articles, blogs, books, resources, etc., from their old website. And then, using Community Cloud, the V2 team created a public community to make the content repository in the knowledge base available to their customers, regardless of whether they used Salesforce.
  • For the new content repository, we created a custom implementation in Community Cloud where customers could log in using their name or email ID to view their purchase history.
  • In Salesforce, we ran analytics on sales figures, monthly revenue, and opportunities and created several reports with custom fields.

Additional Custom Features:

  • All generated cases were divided into LOBs so agents could only track their own cases.
  • Case statuses were automatically changed to "waiting on customer" or "customer waiting on us" and continued to change as needed.
  • Multiple checkboxes were added for customers because the work of a specific customer may involve multiple teams / LOBs.
  • Accounts were assigned to teams based on geographic location/territory based on the postal code or phone number, etc., so teams could now work directly with clients.


Faster payment processing boosted the overall Customer Experience.
Seamless migration and integration with Salesforce improved all teams' efficiency and productivity as they worked on a single, unified platform. This also led to better visibility to all Lines of Business (LOBs).
Quick TAT for resolving queries led to improved customer service, high customer satisfaction, and retention.
Consolidated reports generated easily across multiple data sources led to valuable insights, driving critical business decisions.
As Salesforce was now the single source of truth, all customer service and support functions were more efficient, and all the customer data was visible to every team-generating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
We helped generate a 360 view of customers, enabling Sales and Service teams to understand, engage with and serve customers better, thereby impacting the topline revenue.

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