About the Client

The client is into low-carbon power generation providing residential customers, and businesses energy solutions. They have multiple business units and continually expanding by acquiring companies.

Business Needs

Client was facing a challenge in onboarding newly acquired companies into Salesforce from Salesforce or other systems. Main issue was to maintain and evolve org data structure to fit into the existing Salesforce architecture in a cohesive, yet flexible manner to allow the business unit to scale smoothly with the larger client enterprise data structure. ​


  • Supported adoption and data governance of the existing Salesforce Implementation.
  • Ensured maintenance of a sound Salesforce architecture that is built to scale smoothly and rapidly for the growth of the company, new business units, and new users.
  • Practicing a "first do no harm" response to user requests by coordinating efforts with the client's Salesforce administrator.
  • Provided short-term Salesforce administration in the event the client's Salesforce administrator is out of the office.


Created actionable reports and dashboards with sales metrics that resonate at every level of the company and grow customer account transparency.

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