About the Client

Our client is a global technology and data company transforming how media and entertainment enterprises create, adapt and deliver film and television to audiences worldwide.

Business Scenario

The client was looking to shift from manual Digital Supply Chain and Metadata Management service offerings to a scalable SaaS platform to handle the massive flow of content going global. A platform to reduce dependency on manual work, automate a suite of services and provide real-time analytics.


  • The team leveraged the OutSystems platform to create the solution.
  • The solution was designed to provide end-to-end visibility of the metadata management to various businesses based on their role using Tableau visualization.
  • We automated the ingestion of Avails, independent of methods & format.
  • Created Universal IDs so the client could track titles globally across stores, countries, languages
  • The team developed PHP utilities to scrape data across various online media storefronts and stored it in MYSQL for preliminary cleansing.
  • We enabled Daily data transfer to Google Cloud in order to run analytics on the data via Google BigQuery and generate valuable insights. 
  • The team implemented the API Integration with PHP/Tableau using Superb API exposing/consuming web services. 
  • We architected and implemented the strategy for rapid application development and deployment.
  • We delivered and managed live and on-demand content in the cloud for queue, server scale management, and database using the Amazon AWS architecture. 
  • Developed key extensions using OutSystems integration studio and deployed on Azure cloud using Azure services (Azure Compute, Access Control, Functions, Blob Storage, Service Bus)

Achieving Business Growth

Over the last 10 years, we've been working closely with the client as a partner in success. The journey started with building a team to provide Digital Supply Chain and Metadata Management services to their customers (Hollywood studios).

The team used to track digital assets across 130 countries, providing information and insights on missing Metadata, Ratings, Data Curation, Movie listing discrepancies, etc. The team manually collected, captured, and processed data on excel sheets and created weekly reports for end customers.

After providing these services for years, the client came up with the idea of bundling all these standalone services in a platform and we were perfectly positioned to provide a holistic solution that would handle the massive flow of content going global and a deep understanding of the cultural, legal, and regulatory issues in every territory worldwide. With the ingestion of the latest technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning, it was possible to process the vast amount of data to provide real-time analysis (v/s once a week reports) to the customers.

We, at V2Solutions, were rightly placed, with the business understanding gained over the years and our full-stack engineering capabilities. We swiftly managed to build a team to work on the platform with 100% ownership. We went from whiteboard to market in less than a year and successfully launched a first-of-its-kind platform to track, monetize, and culture-fit content across the globe.

Over the years, we introduced innovative features and customization based on user reviews to make it robust. Today, the client offers a suite of services that drive revenue, increases audiences, and speed up distribution for studios. Our technology expertise on Cloud solutions, real-time analytics, and ML helped the client cater to global customers and witness sustainable growth.

Tech Stack

Angular JS


Helped the client to successfully deliver 20M movies and television series listings in 200+ territories across 50 platforms and in 45 languages.
Crunch through 2.5Million+ records daily with 6 months of historical data (100GB+) to create an in-depth data repository for reference and further analysis.
Provided the client 24/7 real-time notifications for quick issue resolutions for their data assets.
Aggregated data from 30 different sources and generated detailed reports for key insights.

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