Our client is a prominent player in the media and entertainment industry. They help production houses and studios in tracking and rating digital assets.

The journey started with our Digital Workforce team (team handling all data management and back-office processes) helping our client with Digital Supply Chain Services wherein they manually collected, captured, and processed metadata for production houses. But these processes were getting cumbersome. Moreover, because of rise in the number of OTT and STB platforms, the client started facing challenges in tracking digital data.

Due to the ever-changing market conditions and increase in customer demand, our Client recognized the need to automate their manual processes through a potential SaaS-based Market Intelligence Platform. The platform was intended to assist production houses and studios in efficiently tracking their digital assets. Together with the client, we played a critical role in conceptualizing this product with the help of our domain understanding and product engineering expertise.

Being the end-to-end technology partner for the client over the last 10+ years, we delivered a Whiteboard to Market Solution by understanding their requirements and goals. We worked with them closely and brought different areas of expertise at the right time.

All our teams (Digital Engineering, Cognitive Technology, and Digital Workforce) collaborated seamlessly to make the platform more scalable and viable, which helped their end users (media and production houses) get all the information about digital assets on a single, unified platform.

About the Client

Our client is a global technology and data company. They provide services to the media and entertainment industry. They are transforming how media and entertainment enterprises create, adapt, and deliver film and television to audiences worldwide through AI and machine learning.

They have unrivaled expertise in cultural adaptation, ratings, metadata, and title monitoring and work with the world’s largest media companies, movie studios, networks, distributors, and streamers to build larger audiences, speed up content discovery, drive more video views and generate higher revenues.

Business Need:

The client worked for production and media houses, TV studios etc. to track their digital assets across 130 countries and provide information and insights on missing Metadata, Title, Monitoring, Ratings, Data Curation, Movie listing discrepancies, etc.

Our Digital Workforce Team helped them manually collect, capture, and process data and create weekly reports for their end customers.

With the rise of OTT(Over-the-top) and STB (Set Top Box) platforms, production studios faced difficulties in tracking digital assets in real-time and understanding how these assets are consumed globally. Hence, the need for tracking this data was crucial. Managing their digital data became strenuous, labour-intensive, and time-consuming, impacting the client’s revenue. So, our client wanted to provide media houses with an end-to-end intelligent solution that would help them maximize their revenue.

The V2 Value Add:

Right from inception, the client could rely on us to turn this idea into a holistic Digital Transformation solution. We delivered a solution that would handle the massive flow of content going global, along with a deep understanding of the cultural, legal, and regulatory issues in every territory worldwide.


Where human ingenuity and tech come together to drive digital transformation

V2Solutions provided a holistic solution catering to our client’s needs by building a robust, scalable cloud-based Market Intelligence platform with enhanced features and customized solutions.

Our comprehensive solution enabled the client to track data, derive actionable insights in real-time, and understand how their digital assets are consumed globally.

We efficiently managed the web-based data workflow across different systems. We designed the solution in a way that provided end-to-end visibility and a centralized view of their localized assets across various channels and geographies worldwide. We could help our client’s end users achieve a consolidated view of the titles globally across stores, countries, and languages.

With the business understanding we gained over the years, and our Digital Engineering capabilities, we swiftly managed to build a team to work on the platform with 100% ownership. We went from whiteboard to market in less than a year and successfully launched a first-of-its-kind platform to track, monetize, and culture-fit content globally. Furthermore, our Digital Experience team played a critical role in marketing this platform across the globe.

Our Digital Transformation Capabilities

Laying the groundwork

Our Digital Engineeringteam leveraged the OutSystems platform to create the solution.It was designed to provide end-to-end visibility of the metadata to various businesses based on their roles using Tableau visualization.

  • We architected and implemented the strategy for rapid application development and deployment and created Universal IDs so that titles could be tracked globally across stores, countries, and languages.
  • The V2 team developed PHP utilities to scrape data across various online media storefronts and stored it in MYSQL for preliminary cleansing. It also implemented API Integration with PHP/Tableau using Superb API exposing/consuming web services.
  • Our team enabled data transfer to Google Cloud to run analytics on the data via Google BigQuery and generate valuable insights. 
  • We delivered and managed live and on-demand content in the cloud for the queue, server scale management, and database using the Amazon AWS architecture and automated the ingestion of Avails, independent of methods & format.
  • Developed key extensions using OutSystems integration studio and deployed on Azure cloud using Azure services (Azure Compute, Access Control, Functions, Blob Storage, Service Bus)
  • With the ingestion of the latest technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning, it was possible to process the vast amount of data to provide real-time analysis (v/s once-a-week reports) to the customers.
  • Tech Stack: My SQL, Angular JS, .Net, JavaScript, AKS, Tableau

The Path to being Discovered

The job stays incomplete without brand awareness, which is one of the most crucial steps in accelerating growth and business revenue.

In this digital age, one of the primary goals for our client was to be discovered on the search engine, boost their brand visibility, and reach the intended audience.

Since they were facing challenges in terms of low SERP ranking and brand visibility, they needed a solution to revamp their website and improve brand visibility and reach.

And this is where our Digital Experiencesteam came into play.

  • Our client faced issues in ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) initially, as there was another organization with a similar name and a higher domain authority.
  • We overcame this challenge with a combined effort of suggesting the right long tail keywords from the available content and using specific targeted brand keywords in meta tags and other website pages.
  • With our expertise, we helped them enhance their website as well as the website health using the right SEO metrics from scratch and managed to rank on the 1st SERP.
  • The team delivered value to the client using a comprehensive approach. It involved a range of SEO practices like On-page Optimization and Image Optimization that improved the page load speed, resulting in a higher website rank on search results engine page.
  • We kept a monthly track of all their keywords, and as a result, we helped improve the rank for 20 targeted keywords in addition to a monthly growth in position.
  • We tracked the growth in their website traffic monthly and created customized reports for them.
  • We helped significantly improve their brand visibility in a short span of 6 months using end-to-end management of all their social media channels.

Expediting Business Growth

After the digital engineering team developed the platform and streamlined the process of metadata management, the Cognitive Tech team stepped in next and helped our client boost their revenue growth by adding a layer of intelligence in the end-to-end monetization process.

  • The client had a platform that provided strategies for monetization – something that was being used by other competitors in the media field as well.
  • Our cognitive technology team leveraged the power of AI/ML to build an AI-powered engine.
  • This AI Engine required input data in the form of movie titles, competitive pricing of new assets, trending movies and genres, and users’ browsing histories. It could also be ‘what’s performing well in the market’, market trends, or ‘what’s going to be viral’ etc.
  • With these inputs, the AI engine could generate “asset value” that provides a competitive data-driven pricing strategy, advertising, and placement strategy as well as inventory management.
  • This led to assets being released at the right time, right place, and at the right price resulting in an increase in business revenue.

Making an Impact

Streamlined the entire metadata management process by building a platform to track, monetize and manage content, thus maximizing revenue.
The AI Engine led to a significant increase in ad revenue and got the most out of their advertising and pricing efforts.
The website ranked second on the 1st SERP with continuous SEO efforts and improved brand visibility in a span of 6 months.
Helped the client to successfully deliver 20 Million movies and television series listings in 200+ territories across 50 platforms and in 45 languages.
Crunch through 2.5 Million+ records daily with 6 months of historical data (100GB+) to create an in-depth data repository for reference and further analysis.

Regardless of where you are in your Digital Transformation journey, we solve your business problems by leveraging the best technologies and precise, proven processes.

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