About the Client

The client is a fashion brand from the UK that is strongly committed to the idea of sustainability. The brand was launched in the early 90s, and since then, the client has been creating designs based on natural fabrics. They believe in providing planet-friendly merchandise to their customers.

Business Needs

The 3rd-party web and mobile applications faced critical user experience and merchandising issues. The key challenges were site speed, manual merchandising processes, limited on-site search functionality, and less friendly homepage design. The conversion rate of the mobile website was as low as 6-7%.

The website had a heavy theme laden with unused JavaScript, incorrect API calls to apps, and inefficient image setup, due to which the site performance issues were affected.

The client sought a trusted technology partner to optimize their website with a mobile-first approach.

Our Solution

Our team worked on enhancing the website's performance and web page design.

Boosting Site Performance

  • We increased the site speed by optimizing images, ensuring that the images load from the top, and removing unused JavaScript.
  • Our team removed unused apps from the website and replaced existing apps with new ones to rationalize it.
  • The team replaced the e-commerce personalization app with a new recommendation app and integrated a promotions app to boost add-on and upsell capabilities.

Refreshing Site Design

  • Our design experts upgraded the website by refreshing all pages' design elements and making the UI more user-friendly.
  • The design of the homepage was revamped, retaining the original design framework. Our team worked on redesigning the Global Navigation, Footer, Collection list page, Product page, Checkout page, and Basket page to enhance usability.
  • Our designers provided the client with customized themes for the website and mobile.
  • We enabled the customization of font color and size for live text elements. And retained the existing skinny banner functionality and incorporated it into the new homepage design.

Adding Game-Changing Functionality

  • Our team added integrated video functionality within Hero sections and throughout the homepage placements, including user-generated content (UGC).
  • Implemented dynamic messaging, such as a context-sensitive banner (e.g., welcoming new customers, excluding returning ones).
  • We also introduced stacked mobile content to enhance the mobile user experience.
  • The V2 team addressed layout shift issues faced during website loading. They converted images to WebP format and established image weight guidelines for each content block.
  • We provided flexibility for multiple clickable call-to-action (CTA) links.
  • Our team enhanced the footer to offer flexibility in content presentation, including the ability to incorporate images and adjust link quantities.
  • Implemented automated UGC integration, with the option for manual overrides using a UGC widget

The Journey Ahead

With a fast, well-designed, mobile-first website in place, our team will now work on enhancing the SEO and assisting our client with their GTM strategies.

Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript


Faster load times: The website's load time was significantly faster with the optimized code and images.

Better User Experience: The refreshed design and personalized content enriched the user experience for mobile and web. It helped reduce the bounce rates and improve customer retention.

Reduced operational costs: Removing redundant apps helped shrink the operational costs.

Distinct Competitive Edge: A consistently delivered better user experience helped build trust and engagement, giving the client a competitive edge.

Enhanced Mobile Conversion rates: Improved performance, particularly on mobile, tailored content, and enhanced user experiences led to a remarkable growth in conversion rates.

Increased Sales and Growth: The video integration, promotions, and custom content increased upselling opportunities. The enhanced performance boosted the search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic and fostering business growth.

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