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V2 took the time to truly understand my vision for Soteria and found solutions to obstacles others could not. From building the initial proof of concept for Soteria to developing the finalized platforms, I could always count on them to stay within the timeline and budget while producing premier quality.

CEO & Founder ITFT

The Client

ITFT operates in the automotive space to improve the safety of drivers, passengers, and vehicles across the planet. Headquartered in North Carolina, ITFT offers the product, Soteria that operates in real-time to mitigate or prevent the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents.

Tech Stack

Business Needs

  • The client required a software application that would integrate with the hardware device that he had developed. Once the device was plugged into a vehicle, the application would have to receive near real-time data from the device, process that data in real-time, and then display critical information about the vehicle on a dashboard. The software application would also need to perform analytics - both real-time and historical.
  • One of the client's key requirements was that the application's design is simple, elegant, intuitive, and easy to use. He also needed a fast turnaround time to go to market quickly, gain traction, and drive sales.
  • Having worked with V2solutions before, the client was confident that V2Solutions could deliver, so he partnered with V2Solutions to create the software application.

Our Solution

Vision to realization

A lot of brainstorming, research, and development efforts led to the creation of an intricate yet elegant engineering solution that helped realize the client's business vision. The safe driving system's rich feature set included the following:

  • Real-time alerts on the dashboard for the following data points: Speeding over a pre-determined speed threshold - to a 3-digit precision, Rapid Acceleration, Excessive Swerving, Hard Braking, Occurrence of an Accident, Preventive Maintenance
  • Tracking of the near real-time location of the vehicle via GPS and notification if the vehicle's coordinates are unavailable
  • Notification to emergency contacts in case of accidents
  • Color-coded vehicles to indicate the alerts situation (Green: no alerts are pending to read, Amber: 1-9 alerts pending to read, Red: More than 10 alerts pending to read). Additionally, visual indicators for a possible accident and/or maintenance alerts.
  • Availability of tracked data to pull reports later and conduct analysis
  • Setup of Circle Administrators to monitor vehicles as per user requirements
  • Management of devices and their allocations


One of the client's requirements was that the user should require no more than 2 clicks to access any data point on the dashboard. As simple as it sounds, the design to achieve it was far from easy. Using intricate design principles and sheer ingenuity, V2Solutions created a user interface that was well-designed, minimalistic, and provided all the critical information at a single glance. The UI primarily consisted of a large map - a very intuitive way to monitor vehicles on the roads. Some of the key features of this view were:

  • The map's view adjusted itself to zoom in or out based on the number of vehicles being tracked.
  • The vehicles on the map were color-coded to indicate if any alerts had been generated and if those alerts been read by the user.
  • Just by looking at the map, the user could tell if a vehicle had had an accident, a maintenance issue, or had stopped transmitting its location via GPS

A dashboard adjacent to the map provided detailed information to the end-user - in a mere 2 clicks.


  • From a technology perspective, V2Solutions had to understand how to handle a near-live stream of data and perform real-time analytics on it. The client expected to scale up to 10,000 devices over 6 months, and each device transmitted data every 10 seconds. So, it meant that the system had to have the capability to process and perform real-time analytics on 15 million packets of data per day. V2Solutions performed a thorough analysis to identify the perfect platform, software technologies, and hardware to suit the client's needs.
  • The client had budget constraints, so V2Solutions utilized its technical expertise to generate a cutting-edge solution that met the client's requirements while keeping the cost low.
  • The solution had a serverless architecture, so the client did not have to worry about the management or maintenance of the server. This also reduced his total ownership cost since it was a pay-as-you-use model v/s paying for the entire server setup, and it increased the agility of the solution.
  • One of the key aspects of the solution was that it was compatible with the OBDII, CANBUS, and J1939 protocols. This was critical for it to be viable in the automotive market.


V2Solutions delivered the complete solution in 10 weeks, with 7 resources.
Gamification of the UI led to an excellent user experience, thus ensuring high user engagement.
Significant cost savings for the client due to V2's expertise in design and solution architecture - reduced costs from $176,000 per day to less than $10 per day.
A robust, scalable architecture allowed the client to ramp up and add new users to the system without any issues.
A pay-as-you-go architecture enabled the client to have more financial flexibility without investing heavily in technological assets.

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