Providing QA and Testing Services for a Leading Cosmetics Brand's E-commerce Portal in 16 Countries

About the Client

A leading global manufacturer and retailer of beauty and cosmetics products with over €750 million ($1.1 billion) in annual revenue. They operate 2,657+ stores in 61 countries, spanning 25 languages and 12 time zones, selling online in 16 multi-linguistic countries.

Business Needs

  • Despite their market leadership, the Client had limited reach in the market due to the lack of an online sales channel. They sought to create a strong online presence while maintaining their same premium brand image for over one million customers to register, order cosmetic goods, and review item details as well as offer customer feedback.
  • The main business challenge of the E-commerce project was to understand the desired functionality related to employing CRM and SAP applications where the team had to assure the quality of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management module for the application.
  • The client desired an offshore partner to provide QA & Testing services to enrich and maintain consistent deployment. They wanted a partner with prior experience and expertise in:
    • Handling loyalty programs (Siebel CRM)
    • Understanding business process customized to the specific locale
    • Understanding rules for order fulfillment and taxation for specific markets
    • Validation of E-Commerce Platform Integration
    • Facilitation of quick product release to meet international quality


V2Solutions team had been working with the Client for over 7 years, helping them successfully launch top-quality websites web applications and mobile applications across the globe and ensuring their premium brand image remained the same across all sales channels. Our partnership approach was focused on:

  • End-to-End Business Process Validation (order placement to inventory management to data warehousing to order fulfillment to order dispatch to order tracking to order settlement)
  • Promotion Engine Validation (quantity-based, event-based, line level, order level, etc.)
  • Payment Validation and Payment Gateway/and Security Tool Integration (CyberSource, Decision Manager)
  • Commercial E-Commerce Platform Testing-Portal tech, Venda, Microsoft's Ascentium
  • Gift Card Activation and Validation System (SVS, Profit Point)

Key Solution Features

  • Performed regression testing on various multi-linguistic client sites including 10 distinct regional e-commerce sites (US,CA,UK,NL,DK,DE,SE,ES,FR, and AT) within 3 years
  • Data flow testing on the SAP platform
  • Data flow and validation testing on Siebel CRM platform
  • Financial Data validation testing on Cyber Source
  • Complete functional testing on customer care tool (named as CSS, C3)
  • Helped to launch the online customer loyalty program in multiple EMEA markets
  • Configuration and data validation testing of catalog/promotion in web center
  • Audited cookies behavior for EMEA sites and its purpose
  • Displayed cookies information on the website for customer awareness
  • 7K+ test scripts defined for the e-commerce site of which 1,500 were reusable test cases/test scenarios enabling shorter QA cycle and faster ROI
  • Played a key role in launching the mobile e-commerce website for the US and UK primary markets
  • Used QTP QC for automating inbound and outbound business flows as part of the SCM module in SAP. Over 350 checkpoints verified per business flow
  • 10k bugs resolved over 5 years

Tech Stack


Successfully tested and helped go online in 10 countries within 3 years.
75% shorter QA cycle with 40% faster ROI
Complete documentation of the Site Admin control panel is now being used across 22 countries daily.

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