What is Image Annotation?

Image annotation is the process of labelling essential elements of images, which is performed manually or with AI software to make the labelling process faster and more precise.

As AI needs the training to produce results, machine learning & computer vision demands human intervention to make the learning efficient. Hence, image annotation helps to create a substantial amount of data to train computer vision & machine learning algorithms so that they can recognize accurate attributes

Why manual image annotation is necessary?

Automatic image annotation can save time. However, it is not suitable for unsupervised machine learning, nor can it fulfil additional requests as automatic annotation machines are designed to produce specific quantities.

To overcome these hurdles, the role of Human-powered annotation comes in place. Unlike machines, humans can identify new objects and recognize the same for machine learning models without supervision. Also, manual image annotation can fulfil any additional demands as the manual process is not designed to produce fixed quantities; instead, it delivers customized data needs.

What industry needs Image Annotation

E-Commerce- Image Annotation helps in maintaining a searchable product database, thus enabling a swift shopping experience.

AI is taking the retail and e-commerce industry to different levels to provide a much better shopping experience. However, this can only be possible when the computer vision-based algorithms are trained with accurate data sets.

Image annotation can train the computer vision-based algorithms to recognize clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. which will not only help in managing catalogs systematically but will also provide a swift shopping experience

Medical AI- Image Annotation can help in diagnosing a disease by labelling medical imaging data

The shift in the technology world has allowed computer vision to improve the accuracy of treatment & diagnosis, reduce backlogs, and cut down patient wait times in the Healthcare world.

For diagnosis and treatment, healthcare professionals rely on visual data such as MRI, X-RAY scans, etc. Image annotation can train, develop, and optimize Computer Vision systems to identify patterns for diagnosis, such as fractures, tumors, etc.

Transportation- Manually labelled images of a car's environment data can help in deploying autonomous vehicles with confidence.

The drastic revolution in the automobile industry has made the transportation industry dependent on image annotation services.

To deploy autonomous vehicles with confidence, the machine learning algorithms must be notably robust. Image annotation powers driverless cars by providing accurate training data of the car's environment to Computer Vision-based machine learning systems.

Agriculture- Image Annotation can help in monitoring soil, crop harvesting or yield analysis.

Image annotation can help precision agriculture which uses robots, drones, GPS sensors, and autonomous vehicles to advance farming processes.

Just like professional farmers, Image annotation can train machine learning algorithms & computer vision systems to predict plant health, crop yields, and much more.

Annotate precisely to make your machine learning algorithms work wonders with the best in the business

At V2, we provide manual annotation services that are required to generate a tremendous amount of training data sets for machine learning algorithms. Image annotation can help precision agriculture which uses robots, drones, GPS sensors, and autonomous vehicles to advance farming processes.

Our comprehensive range of image annotation services, including bounding boxes, polygon annotations, key point annotation, semantic segmentation, image classification, etc., are designed to address the needs of diverse industries.

We believe in blending automation services with human power to maintain accuracy, which is vital for reliability.

Learn how our Intelligent Document Processing Platform - Neutron extracts and organizes data from any complex document type. With its inbuilt intuitive Human Checker mechanism, allowing you to manually review the data to ensure 100% accuracy / customer satisfaction

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