We committed $120,000 in savings

“Their Automations helped us make critical decisions based on realtime data thereby making huge saving within the first year of operations.” – SVP, Leading Manufacturing

Want your systems to update data in real-time? Automation makes it possible.

In business today, Efficiency = Survival

Why put your business at risk when the technology is so readily available?


Remember Excel Macros and Cron Scripts? They made things easier but were not enough for large-scale adoption. Those tools of automation only worked in isolation.


Robotic Process automation, BPM, Deeper Integration: these are the flavors of today's automation, vastly improving scaling capability, though still acting in isolation.


Previous-generation tools are further enhanced  by elements of Artificial Intelligence, allowing machines to make easy decisions.

Let’s Relate to your Business

Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation Process Optimization

Legacy Baggage, but you still call it a Process?

It’s time to drop all that legacy baggage NOW (unless you still believe in too much “Maker and Checker” at every possible task). Just because you've been doing things the same way for years doesn't mean it is the right way. Now is your chance to take time revisiting every step of your process and questioning their usefulness. Don't be surprised when you discover your current technology would fail to deliver automation efficiency unless your current process is optimized first.

In our consulting sessions with many customers, we find easy ways to help a customer drop their legacy baggage and make the shift to adapt towards intelligent automation. 

Intelligent Automation Robotic Transformation

Robotize, Donkey work isn’t for Humans

Your process may include tasks so mundane and simple as reading an email from targeted mail box and downloading its content to a folder. Perhaps you have a team of people doing these same tasks every day. Given today's technology, this is a waste of valuable human resources.

Robots are small software applications configured to perform tasks like that and many, many more. Where a human would use a keyboard and mouse, Robots faster, ensure error-free processing. Why delay progress on a task because the resource is on vacation or out sick for the day.

With 240+ processes automated, we monitor Robots for various enterprises, every day, 24/7.

Intelligent Automation Deeper API Integrations

Deeper Integrations, making systems talk within

A single application may not suffice for all your process needs , so many enterprise eco systems consists of multiple tools, each working within their specialized zones. Of course, this leads to the challenge of data availability across tools. Ex: Order details entered in to the ordering system will obviously not be available in the CRM application, yet the CRM has the customer details. In the past, you've been stuck with engaging people to make those entries manually across each system.

Now, there is another way.

When you need to deal with data between multiple systems as part of your process, APIs and Webhooks are the names for reliability and efficiency.
Our Intelligent automation consulting includes an assessment of your existing applications for their capability with deeper integrations, allowing us to make suitable adaptions along with RPA Bots. 

Intelligent Automation Congnitive Services

Cognitive Services, Human touch through the machines

Imagine dealing with just 30% of your customer interaction and leaving the rest to an intelligent system?

The cognitive service that best suits this need is a "thinking machine" that can make decisions in place of human. These services can understand human interaction through speech and text, and they can help intelligent applications respond the way a human normally would .

We've helped our customers analyze thousands of their service requests for automated responses based on the mail content—a great use of cognitive services from Microsoft Azure along with operational BOT. See our use cases to learn more.

And witness the transformation

Intelligent Automation Process Transformation

Robotic Process (RPA)

Software Robots deployed to perform mundane tasks, so that a human can perform more intelligent ones

Cognitive Intelligence

Near-human intelligence services that can think like a human, enabling machines to start making decisions

Deeper Integration

When the isolated systems need to speak in their own language, that results in better efficiency, performance, and security


Automation promises Fastest ROI

Intelligent Automation has a clear advantage primarily with cost savings.

The savings from automation is directly proportional to the resource cost, thus resource expensive regions/domains stand to gain more in terms of cost saving. Automate as few as two or three processes every month, saving upwards of 20 man hours, and the investment costs vanish as your savings compound just after a year.

Connect with us to understand other associated criteria and get straight talk about the tangible advantages of Intelligent automation. 

Cost Saving

Often the biggest factor in automation but many times confused with job loss.

Zero Tolerance

Because you deal with systems that are fueled by algorithms, systems can never make an error unless they were programmed to do so.

Auditable Actions

A record of every action is automatically stored, thereby allowing better compliance to track events and co-relate situations in future.

Real Time Data 

The ripple effect of real-time data eventually makes way for real-time decisions ...All thanks to automated systems.

Happy Employee

Automation enables employees to experience more human interaction, helping enjoy their work more, by enabling them to focus on more creative tasks.

At Work 24/7

Machines don't need to rest or sleep—they just need a break once in a while to cool down or be reprogrammed. 

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