Efficient Automation using DevOps 

DevOps helps in speeding up overall delivery time and deployment of Robots in production. Using a variety of software such as Jira (for Project Management), GitHub (for Source Control), and Jenkins (for Continuous Integration) to manage different stages of Robotic Process Automation assures that processes move quickly from Development to Testing to User Acceptance with little time lost in packaging and deployment of Robots to various environments. And that’s not all: We are flexible enough to adapt to our customer's ecosystem with similar applications already in use.

Business Criticality instantly Notified

Though robots work tirelessly, they can still fail due to factors beyond our control; network failure or an application crashing, for example. It is essential to be on top of any such errors once the process goes live in order to avoid the negative impact from any such failures.

Our proprietary “Support Notification System” - our intelligent solution for Intelligent Automations - ensures that the RPA Support team is always on top of any errors that occur in production by notifying them immediately and providing all the pertinent information in one place, allowing them to fix the errors in the shortest possible time. 

Never REDO,
Reusable Library 

Coming from a custom software development background, we understand the importance of the DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) principle - so much so that we follow it here by creating a set of libraries for all the common actions performed by humans, including things as simple as saving email attachments to executing queries in SAP. These reusables help us not only in speedy completion of automation but also in maintaining consistency in our deliverables, making them less prone to errors.

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