Interact with Machine Learning Algorithms as service in .Net

Machine Learning Algorithms-min

What is Azure Machine Learning?
Azure ML is Microsoft Cloud solution to perform predictive analytics. “Traditionally this requires complex software and high performing computers which are not accessible to everybody. By using the powers of cloud computing, Azure ML provides a fully-managed solution for predictive analytics which is accessible to a much broader audience. Predicting future outcomes is now attainable.”


How to Consume ML Service in .NET

After publishing ML Experiments from AzureML portal we just need to follow below steps in order to consume it in Client Application

Azure ML generates sample codes to consume your service from C#, R and Python.

To view the codes click on “API help page” from the services page.
Machine Learning


The following changes need to be made to the C# Project.

  1. Replace the API key with your key
    Machine learning
  2. Key in the required parameters
    Machine learning
  3. Run and verify the outcome
    Machine learning


Advantages of Azure ML

  1. Azure Machine Learning is very user-friendly and comes with a set of tools that are less restrictive.
  2. It is flexible for pricing. You simply “pay as you go” for the features you use.
  3. Azure tool has a lot of data and algorithms and gives more accurate predictions.
  4. The tool makes it easy to import training data and fine tune the results.
  5. You can publish your data model as a web service.
  6. It offers drag-and-drop features, and you can connect structures to create experiments.
  7. You can publish experiments for data models in just a few minutes
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