This year, make an early New Year's Resolution – and one that will be easy to stick to.


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Complex Document

Do these situations seem familiar?

  • You are swamped by the sheer volume & complexity of your documents, and it's affecting your bottom line
  • The data locked away in your documents poses a barrier to your Digital Transformation goals and Invaluable Insights
  • The manual data extraction is taking its toll on your process efficiency, employee morale, and customer experience.

So how about this for a Resolution?

"Say NO to time-consuming, inefficient, error-riddled, costly, manual data extraction and entry tasks in 2022".

And we can help you with it.

Our AI/ML Powered
Holistic Document Processing solution.

Boost ROI

Just upload your documents - any type and format- and get data that's ready to go.

Boost ROI

No matter the document complexity - tables, multiple pages, checkboxes - Neutron can handle it all.

Boost ROI

With an AI/ML-powered engine and a Human review mechanism, your extracted data is 99.99% accurate.

Boost ROI

Eliminate Manual Data entry with our integration feature that sends your data wherever you need it to go.

Boost ROI

Reduce your operational costs and boost your bottom line with our Y-O-Y saving model.

Bill of Lading

Industry: Shipping

With every Bill of Lading requiring 5000+ keystrokes for data entry, our client was dealing with a process that was highly inefficient error-prone, and slow.

With Neutron, we handled the documents and their variations to extract accurate data, fast, thus delivering reduced operational costs, minimal to zero errors, and boosted efficiency to our client.

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Industry: Manufacturing

With a limited team, our client was struggling with their invoice volumes and variability due to the invoices coming in from multiple vendors.

The highly manual process of data extraction and entry into SAP was riddled with errors leading to rework and a high level of frustration.
With our 2-stage, end-to-end solution of Neutron's precise data extraction plus RPA bots integrating data into SAP seamlessly, our clients transformed their Finance department and empowered their team to focus on value creation tasks.

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Customer Onboarding Documents

Document: Finance

With multiple documents required to open new accounts, our client was experiencing severe backlogs and poor turnaround times.

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