Business Offerings

Our Research & Analysis Services focuses on improving business & customer satisfaction. We connect the factual probability of the data and assist in the research to assemble, produce & form insights by targeting business metrics that creates value for enterprises.

Forecast business challenges based on our trend analysis and domain expertise.

Improve processes for faster outcomes with our metric-driven approach.

Make your data come alive to drive insights with our value-added reporting, business transformation, business process planning & visualization services.


Empower your decision-making process with us.


Market Research Services

  • Industry Based Research Services
  • Brand Research Services
  • Market Research Survey Services
  • Industry Analysis Services
  • Online Market Research Services

Financial Research Services

  • Business Valuation Services
  • Investment Research Services
  • Equity Research Services
  • Financial Analysis Services
  • Risk Analysis Services

Business Research Services

  • Primary & Secondary Research Services
  • Business Market Research Services
  • Media Research Services
  • Social Media Monitoring Services
  • Industry Profiling Services
  • Competitor Analysis Services

Syndicated Research Report Services

  • Data Collection Services
  • Information Analysis Services
  • Syndicated Reports Designing Services
  • Report Analysis & Writing Services
Business Offerings

To meet your modern-day consumers' needs, we aim to strengthen your E-commerce operations through our end-to-end service support, thus enabling you to provide a swift shopping experience.

Enhance your operational efficiency to expand your customer reach by reducing the time-to-market of products.

Provide swift-shopping experience to your modern-day consumers through our end-to-end services, which adhere to ISO standards



Order Management

  • Order Management Services
  • Shipping Management Services
  • Payment Processing Management Services
  • Order Tracking & Reporting Services
  • Inventory Management Services

Product Information Management Services

  • Product Data Entry Services
  • Product Listing Services
  • Product Catalogue Management Services
  • Product Data Cleansing Services
  • Data Indexing & Archiving Services
  • Product Content Creation Services
  • Product Tagging Services
Business Offerings

Our customized services elevate your financial management capabilities and focus on streamlining your day-to-day enterprise financial and operational business activities.

Streamline financial business activities with our Cash Flow Management, Accounts Information, Financial Reports, Day-to-Day Accounts Entries services.

Augment your finance and accounting capabilities with our financial management solutions.



Accounts Receivable & Collection Services

  • Collection Processing Services
  • Payable & Receivable Reports Services
  • Collection Reconciliation Services
  • Collection Reporting & Analysis Services

Helpdesk Services

  • Scanning, Indexing & Coding Services
  • E- Invoicing Services
  • Refund Claims Services
  • Vendor Information Management Services

Report & Information Services

  • Cost Savings & Tracking Reports Services
  • Monthly & Annually Reports Services
  • Spend analytics reports services
  • Financial Data Report Services
Business Offerings

Our customized image and video processing solution refine your images and videos to meet acceptable web standards and better promote your product offering.

We are a digital media pioneer by working as a partner to the top two leading global stock content providers, with a churn of over 100 Million Images and 1.7 Million Footage.

Obtain highly engaging photographs and videos by leveraging our 17+ years of stock photography experience.

Enhance every single image and video to its very best through our Follow-the-Sun model approach which focuses on increased responsiveness and reduced delays



Image Services

  • Image Curation & Review Services
  • Metadata Research Services
  • Image Enhancement Services - Basic Retouching, Advanced Retouching, Colour Correction, Clipping Path etc.

Product Information Management Services

  • Video Curation & Review Services
  • Metadata Research Services
  • Video Enhancement Services - Basic Retouching, Advanced Retouching, Colour Correction, Clipping Path etc.
Business Offerings

We provide end-to-end supply chain outsourcing services, enabling enterprises to efficiently process billing desk data and customer support service to fulfil orders on time.

Streamline your processes right from the start for efficient order fulfillment

Process all orders accurately with our industry-level best practices for on-time order fulfillment leading to increased customer satisfaction.



Data Management Services

  • Logistics Data Management Services
  • Vendor Information Management Services
  • Invoice Processing & Data Management Services
  • Payment entries & Information Services

Billing Desk Services

  • Billing Entries & Informational Report Services
  • Payments & Receivable Record Management Services
  • Collection Reports & Analysis Services
  • Road Freight Bill of Lading Services
  • Ocean Bill of Lading Services

Customer Support Services

  • Live Email Customer Support Services
  • Order Management – Email & Message Services
  • Booking Administration Services – Email Services
Business Offerings

Our comprehensive solutions in the Insurance BPO domain will help you structure a systematic foundation that leads to functional changes for seamless day-to-day operations. Consider us as your extended partner that looks after your day-to-day time-intensive tasks and lets your team focus on core activities required for business operations.

Let your team focus on business-critical core activities- we are HIPAA compliant and ensure complete data confidentiality.

Manage your day-to-day time-intensive tasks with our Insurance Domain experts who are attuned to the international standards of the Insurance BPO industry and can meet requirements of any scale.



Insurance Reports & Information Services

  • Reviewing & Recording Policy Document Services
  • Proposal & Summary of Quote Services
  • Loss Run Processing Services
  • Insurance Certificate Services (COI)

Insurance Claim Management Services

  • Insurance Claim Submission Services
  • Claim Validity Services
  • Claims Follow Up & Close Out Services
  • 24x7 Email Support Services

Insurance Data Management Services

  • Business Data Entry Services
  • Applications Data Entry Services
  • Quoting & Proposal Data Entry Services
  • Customers Data Management Services
Business Offerings

We provide customized solutions with an aim to remove the complexities of daily administrative tasks, thus reducing the overall time and cost. Our healthcare support services boost your financial performance and increase the provider’s effectiveness to enhance patient satisfaction.

Manage complex administrative task efficiently with our team of professionals who specialize in insurance verifications, eligibility verifications, medical transcription, medical billing, medical claims processing services.

Control sensitive data records with utmost accuracy with us to avoid data discrepancy and protect against data breaches



Medical Transcription Services

  • Medical Report Transcription Services
  • Emergency Room Transcription Services
  • Discharge Summary Transcription Services
  • Deaf Transcription Services

Medical Claim Adjudication Services

  • Medical Claim Processing Services
  • Detection of Fraudulent Claims Services
  • Verification of Providers details Services
  • Medical Accounts Receivable Services

Medical Billing Services

  • Medical Billing Record Services
  • Physician Billing Services
  • DME Billing Services
  • EMS Billing Services
  • Hospital Billing Services
Business Offerings

The perfect blend of domain expertise & multiple years of experience strengthens our data entry services to be competent enough to meet your desired business goals.

Our team of data management experts will help you organize vast volumes of data, enabling enterprises to focus on core activities.

Make your business more efficient as we work round-the-clock & handle large volumes of data without compromising on quality.

Focus on your core key activities as our data management experts ensure 99.99% data accuracy and complete data security.



Data Entry Services

  • Business Data Entry Services
  • Document Data Entry Services
  • Product Data Entry Services
  • Legal Data Entry Services
  • Internet Data Input Services

Data Conversion Service

  • Document Conversion Services
  • XML Conversion Services
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • Book Conversion Services
  • Word Formatting Services

Data Processing Services

  • Forms Processing Services
  • Order Processing Services
  • Data Cleansing Services
  • Transaction Processing Services
  • Data Deduplication Services
  • Data Mining Services

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