What is QA Automation?

Over the past few years, automation testing services have become increasingly popular among businesses. When it comes to the sheer number of applications available today, the chances of undiscovered bugs and issues are rising, increasing the need for QA testing services to broaden the scope of testing in today's software development.

So, what is QA Automation? It's a process of using special testing tools to run automated tests, manage data, and utilize results to improve software quality and time to market. This powerful technology allows development teams to speed up testing operations dramatically, expand test coverage, and maintain the greatest possible product quality.

Leverage QA Automation to overcome the challenges of

Human Errors

Even the finest testing engineer could make mistakes. Faults can arise, especially when evaluating a complicated use case. On the other side, Automation ensures consistency, process adherence, compliance, and enhanced security by reducing errors that lead to malfunctioning systems.

Delayed Releases

Long periods are spent on developing code and correcting bugs, resulting in a delayed software release. QA Automation runs at least ten times faster than manual testing allowing development teams to rapidly accelerate overall testing operations.

Test Environment Duplication

Writing good test cases takes a lot of time and effort, and writing the same test cases over and over again can leave one mentally exhausted. However, while performing automated testing, you write a test script once and can reuse it multiple times.

Testing Limitations

QA Automation enables teams to automate and test a larger range of code across different platforms and environments, unlike manual testing.

Reap the Benefits of QA Automation by


Saving Business Cost


Boost in the Return on Investment


Maximized Coverage


Faster Feedback

How V2Solutions can help on your QA Automation Journey

Whether you're just starting started with QA automation or want more coverage to meet your QA requirements,our team of skilled QA Automation specialists can assist you in delivering high-quality products faster to deliver the best solutions.

Our proprietary V2 Automation Framework

Our in-house scriptless automation framework includes intelligent testing tools to deliver a robust, synchronized, and continuous testing strategy. It aids in broadening test coverage and ensuring that you achieve your quality goals. Our framework incorporates industry best practices and features. You can drastically reduce the efforts required to kick-start automation or improve your existing framework by delivering faster results, lowering IT expenses, and increasing total test coverage through the reusability of automated tests.


Features of the V2Automation Framework

  • Open-Source Tool Framework
  • Cross-platform Record/Playback 
  • Hybrid Framework Approach
  • Detailed Audit logs & Reporting
  • Parallel Execution on multiple browsers, devices & platforms
  • Continuous Integration tool Support
  • Platform and Application Independent
  • Database testing

Integrating QA Automation in your Agile Environment

Embrace V2's Agile Software Development & Automation Testing services to remain on top of the ever-changing functional and technological landscape. We perform a complete evaluation of your existing quality infrastructure, develop the automation architecture using existing best-in-class tools and methodologies so you can stay ahead in the business.

Flowchart QA

Benefits of our QA in Agile Environment :

  • 100% test coverage- reduce bug leakage.
  • Cover UI, functional, API (web services) and DB test cases with Automation.
  • Integration with Saucelabs, TeamCity and Jenkins CI for auto initiation of framework post-deployment
  • Increase Manual Team focus on new features testing leaving regression for the automation team

Tools & Technologies

Test Management

Quality Center
Test Rail


Silk Test
HP unified functional testing


Blaze Meter
Soap ui



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Start your QA Automation Journey with V2

If you're using automated testing, you'll still need to pick the right tools and plan the tests’ design before execution. But to get started, its important to collaborate with an experienced QA Automation partner to succeed on your automation journey.

With over a decade of experience and skillful expertise, our team provides a wide range of capabilities in QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps, Agile to a broad range of clients across all sectors. We raise the bar by utilizing cutting-edge technology, modern engineering methods, and a one-of-a-kind automation framework. 

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