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Quick Start Packages are a fool-proof way to ensure your organization gets the most out of your Salesforce implementation from day one and within a short span of time.

Whether you're aiming to drive top-line revenue growth, optimize marketing activities, create a seamless experience for all your business processes, or all of the above;

V2Solutions is a one-stop solution for all your digital needs.

We offer a range of Quick Start Programs that are designed to get you up and running with a quick deployment, with no risks and no hidden costs!

A Quick Glance-

  • Marketing Cloud & Datorama Quick Start Guide
  • Social Studio Quick Start Guide
  • Pardot Quick Start Guide

Marketing Cloud & Datorama Quick Start Guide

V2Solutions is the partner of choice when it comes to implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is the leading enterprise email marketing platform that helps deliver intelligent personalized messages at scale with the power of data-driven campaign management. It connects Commerce, Sales, Service, and Communities for a seamless customer experience.

V2Solutions helps you build email journeys, tailor and customize the content, as well as set up Datorama so you can monetize and optimize your marketing efforts and create a single source of truth.

We enable you to engage with your audience across different channels and campaigns and derive invaluable insights with holistic reporting and measurement.

How it Works - Its easy to begin with Marketing Cloud with our 6-step process, where we deploy a fully functional system that provides you the tools to get started with Salesforce.


1. Project Kickoff and Strategy


2. Lead and Contact Setup


3. Marketing Cloud Connector


4. Journey Builder & Email Templates


5. Data Import


6. Marketing Cloud Training


4 weeks

Reach out to us for consultation and estimates with no obligation.

Social Studio Quick Start Guide

Social Studio is one of the many products offered by Salesforce under Marketing Cloud. It is a comprehensive solution to manage and monitor all your social media marketing activities.

It provides a single platform which consists of a variety of features like –

  • Engaging with customers on various social channels
  • Analyzing insights and relevant feedback across multiple campaigns
  • Configuring workspaces to create and publish content on social networks

How it Works - Get started with Marketing Cloud Social Studio through a quick and easy 7-step process.


1. Project Kickoff and Strategy


2. Workspace Creation


3. Topic Profiles


4. Post Creation


5. Engagement Setup & Macro


6. Setup & Analyze


7. Social Studio Training


4 weeks

Reach out to us for consultation and estimates with no obligation.

Pardot Quick Start Guide

Pardot is an exhaustive B2B marketing automation platform by Salesforce that helps unify the sales and marketing teams.

It improves the overall efficiency of processes and primarily focuses on the following:

  • Generating and managing more leads
  • Aligning the sales and marketing teams
  • Engaging with prospects through personalized email campaigns, digital advertising, landing pages and forms and lead nurturing.
  • Analyzing the impact of marketing efforts on ROI throughout the online customer journey

If you are considering Pardot but don’t have dedicated resources, that’s okay!

V2Solutions understands that Marketing plays a key role in the success of any business, and with our Pardot Quick Start Package, we can help you achieve your strategic marketing goals!

How it Works - Get started with Pardot in just 4-6 weeks. Our Salesforce Certified professionals get to know your business and map your marketing automation requirements to the Pardot functionality, following the best practices.


Salesforce Integration

  • Install and enable the pardot connector
  • User Configurations
  • Pardot Engage Setup

Technical Delivery

  • Set up Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity
  • Vanity Tracker Domain for Branded PArdot Hosted Links

Assets & Integration

  • One Landing Page Setup
  • Create Two Email Templates
  • Two Automation Rules
  • Two Webtoon Handlers

Engagement Studio

  • Engagement Studio Setup(i.e Lead Generation Engine)
  • Lead Scoring
  • Two Pardot Campaigns
  • Lead & Contact Pages


  • One hour of custom-recorded training of salesforce Pardot implementation
  • Two hours of adhoc training at customer's request


4-6 weeks

Reach out to us for consultation and estimates with no obligation.

Maximize your Salesforce ROI and experience its benefits right from the start with our Quick Start Packages.

Begin your Salesforce Journey with us and discover your digital next!

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