The common saying around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is that these emerging technologies are job killers and will or perhaps could ultimately make humans obsolete in the workplace. Well, only the smarter heads know that this is just an overdramatic misconception.

Instead of feeding into the doomsday prognostication, embracing the many advantages and benefits of AI & RPA is much more of a level- headed play. These efficient technologies empower employees to be more productive and much more efficient so that they possibly maintain a better work-life balance. Robotic Process Automation helps people grow in their careers and in fact create jobs by creating a peaceful harmony in their professional as well as personal lives.

AI and RPA can solve common business problems and the levels of automation that it provides is revolutionizing a wide array of industries. RPA proves to be extremely adept at automating aspects of jobs that we humans at times perform poorly and inefficiently, removing us from the equation and reassigning us to much more important roles. This allows us to spend less time on cumbersome tasks whilst re-engaging our focus on more important thought-based duties.

The increased productivity & efficiency along with extra time can progressively impact a person’s work-life balance. The unwieldy task that RPA blazes at automating includes but it is not limited to things like scheduling, structuring, distributing and organizing-work that most people don’t want to do anyways. RPA eliminates these mind-numbing tasks off people’s plates. AI and RPA enable employees like us to spend more time doing the work we enjoy, making our professional lives more fulfilling in the process.

According to UiPath- More than half of surveyed firms report improved employee engagement as a benefit of RPA. Other benefits include increased efficiency (86%), deeper insights into customers (67%), and improved customer service (57%). Organizations are finding that once they put in RPA, the value of their employees is much higher than they thought it was.

I am certain that your levels of enthusiasm will see the peaks to understand the reason why this is such a big hit. Let us not deviate from the topic and focus on the topic by laying down some of the many crucial and path-breaking advantages of RPA and soon you will know why it’s so important for every business to integrate these bots in every aspect.

Advantages of RPA:

  • Post automation, the accuracy, and precision in the quality and quantity of work increases significantly.
  • Absolutely no IT support required – RPA can automatically check the issues of what’s going wrong in the Security.
  • Availability – 24×7 a week, 365 days a year guaranteed.
  • Auditing and Reporting can be achieved with the utmost ease.
  • When it comes to sensitive data, these intelligent bots process the protective data under strict surveillance thus hiding the data from humans.
  • Every action made is recorded, analyzed and optimized for absolute and an error-free performance for future purposes.
  • Minimization of errors as there is no involvement of humans in RPA process whatsoever.
  • Higher speed and throughput.
  • Completely scalable and flexible.
  • Enabling better customer service by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Creating cost savings for manual and repetitive tasks.

Not only does RPA produce job through reshoring and maintenance but it also reallocates tasks in a way that allows employees to focus on important tasks to people where they can enjoy without having to work on repetitive tasks.

Here’s a long list of jobs coming on your way, well thanks to RPA:

  • Business Analyst – Robotics Process
  • Business Excellence Advisory – Robotic Process Automation
  • Automation Consultant
  • Automation Developer
  • RPA & AI – Capability & Solution Lead
  • RPA Technical Architect
  • Robotic Engagement & PMO Manager
  • RPA Strategic Partner’s Director
  • Director Business Transformation – Customer Success.

As you can see, RPA still – and most likely will in the future – require external support and human intervention in order to be deployed and sustained within an organization. But it’s too early to state that RPA is a job killer. Let us appreciate the advantages of RPA and the opportunities that it has in store for us.

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