What are transcription services?

Transcription services transform live or recorded speech into a written or electronic document. Transcription is the process of putting the spoken words on paper. Nowadays, many companies rely on transcription services to have written records of important information.

For example, A business that needs music translation might first need to transcribe the song's lyrics if it does not already have a written script ready for translation.

Technology advancements have brought new possibilities in the field of transcription services wherein businesses can now opt in between "automated" & "Manual" transcription services. Through automated transcription, the data is transcribed through software by means of speech recognition or by programming depending on the type of requirement. Whereas in a manual process, humans (not technology) transcribe data which ensures utmost accuracy and a high success rate with the transcription.

Why is manual transcription necessary?

Even though the technologies are advancing, manual transcription still works as a backbone for automated transcription services. Only a human transcriber can quickly adapt to a different template to follow an OnDemand guideline.

The software which is trained based on algorithms will not always be able to playback a string of audio multiple times to transcribe. However, a manual transcription process can differentiate between speakers to provide the desired level of accuracy.

Also, manual transcription can ingest timestamps to the content to determine when a sentence is spoken. Timestamps play an essential part in transcribing music & video content.

Types of Transcription services we can add this below:


What industry needs Transcription services

Healthcare- Healthcare is one of the largest industries that use transcription services. Patients' information documentation plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry. The documentation of all the treatment procedures or anything related to it is essential. Hence, accurate transcription services are not just important, but it is the backbone of the medical sector.

Education- The technology shift in the education sector has made transcription services imperative in the field of online education. Many academies & students now offer and rely on online education, which need lecture note & video transcripts.

Entertainment- Production houses are increasingly turning to transcription services to provide subtitles & lyrics for movies and music.

Since podcasts are the new trend, many podcasters provide transcription of their podcast, which gives audiences a choice to read and plays a more significant role in increasing search ranking on search engines.

Shape your vital data through our precise transcription services

We are a one-stop shop for your transcription needs as our transcribers can adapt to different templates, accents to deliver the required result.

At V2, we offer a variety of transcription services which includes Audio/Video transcriptions, Music transcriptions, Business transcription, subtitling services, and much more. We have catered to the transcription needs of businesses across the entertainment industry, media industry, academics, and music firms.

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