With RPA, no more pending reports!

The Distribution Department of a large manufacturing organization was unable to get its “Pending Shipment Report” on time. This was resulting in the delayed shipment of consignments and underutilized shipping capacity. It was found that the team responsible for creating this “twice a day” report was running short on time due to the complexity involved in report creation.


  • Bot is scheduled to run twice a day for creating this report, which makes use of SAP.
  • Bot logs in to SAP and download reports for multiple warehouses based on business rules.
  • Bot consolidates the reports into a single excel spreadsheet.
  • Referring to business rules, Bot does data-processing on the consolidated sheet.
  • Bot filters and formats the data into a report structure.
  • Finally, Bot automatically sends the “Pending Shipment” report in an email to the Distribution Department.

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