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Full Stack Engineering

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A Robot as part of your workforce? Sounds, too scientific!! Not really and you are reading it right. Robotic process automation is a way forward to automate many of the processes that your human workforce currently performs.

Robotic Process Automation

Many a times organizations find themselves with several isolated pockets of tasks, linked by inefficient handoffs and touch process flow. In some cases, the tasks themselves may already be highly automated, providing high efficiencies within the task, but ultimately these isolated pockets of task make it difficult to provide a fully optimised end-to-end flow. The situation gets more complex with more and more groups including multiple teams, departments , third party providers, partners and customers joining in to the mix. Connecting these pockets of isolation, or isolated pockets of  automation, is the key to a fully automated end-to-end workflow and a more efficient business process. All such business processes involves organizational routine tasks that demand accuracy and speed, however not all such tasks require human decision-making to accomplish.

If all above makes a realistic situation within your organisation, then the solution simply lies with the adaption of RPA.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation, can provide the ideal solution to connect those isolated functional pockets and bring all the tasks together to deliver a fully integrated service that would result in higher degree of efficiency, productivity, improved time to market and  better customer experience. All those repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone  tasks – can be a cause of frustration for employees, as well as a waste of precious resources. With RPA in place , your organization starts engaging with virtual workers.

A virtual worker can :
  • Perform tasks quickly and accurately – every time.
  • Work without getting any fatigue.
  • Help engage more human workforce for non-recurring functions.
  • Be easily deployed and even managed remotely.

Conversational Interfaces

With recently demonstrated naturally conversational AI (Wavenet) in Google Duplex, now we can make an appointment, book table at a restaurant without ever have to pick up our phone or talk to anyone. We have now reached a stage where the user and business expectations from AI are closely matched and can soon become a new norm.

We have come a long way from using both hands for a conversation on a keyboard to now, just our voice perhaps the best possible way. And the rise of platforms like Google Home, Chatbots, Alexa, Apple’s HomePod, Siri, Cortana and other voice assistants are continuously changing the communication paradigm and our overall perception of AI. Consumer expectations are high and they are curiously searching for what more they can do with their voice assistants. Which presents an opportunity for businesses to create a value for their customers in various environments be it at home, car, office, shop or just walking down the street.


At V2, we are working with IoT smart devices and gateways development company by developing software solutions. This includes embedded software to collect data, status from the sensor devices, and over the air updates to the sensor devices. We can help you execute from start to finish.

Chatbots – A next wave in user interface technology

Our proprietary V2Bots leverage the best of conversational interfaces and deliver on multi-platforms! Be it Google Voice/Assist, Alexa, Slack, Skype or websites, we can launch a customized Bot for you on a variety of platforms at ONCE with scripts tailor made for you!!


  • Build (useful) chatbot
  • Design and develop a conversational interface in native, web, and hybrid apps
  • Discover and conceptualize – User experiences
  • Integrate products voice assistant platforms
  • IoT integrations
  • Analytics and insights

Software Engineering

A convergence of breakthrough technologies-analytics, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and more-enables mass customization with smart, connected products, in real-time. This ongoing Revolution is creating a world of opportunities for companies that want to seize it.

Software Engineering

V2’s breadth of technology expertise and forward thinking has made us a true one-stop provider for a full array of software development needs and be future ready. We have invested in creating our own IPs, infrastructure and innovative engagement models to help clients achieve faster go- to-market, deliver unparalleled customer experience, enhance product lifecycle and exceed market expectations.

Our professional engineering staff has expertise in a range of programming languages, including but not limited to Java, .Net, AngularJS, Ruby, PHP, Objective C, Swift, Node JS, and JavaScript. We develop on all major platforms including Microsoft, Java, Open Source, SQL and NoSQL databases, Mobile, and Cloud Computing. We listen to your business goals, vision and determine the technical feasibility of the proposed concepts. We partner with you throughout the entire Software Life Cycle to ensure our practices and outcomes are aligned with yours.

Boost your internal expertise and keep your projects on track with our technology & engineering experts.


  • Product Conceptualization
  • Platform Consolidation – including Migration
  • Architecture and Design
  • Tools and Technology Selection
  • User-centric Design and UX
  • Core Product Development
  • Maintenance and Sustaining Engineering
  • QA and Testing Services
  • Database Optimization and Modeling
  • BigData & Analytics
  • SaaS and Cloud Enablement
  • Enterprise Mobile Enablement
  • Social Software Integration
  • Performance Engineering (Product / Application level )

Mobility Solutions

The world has moved beyond the mobile apps and into a web-connected world of devices, sensors, smartphones, wearables, platforms, and the interplay between these is creating a unique ecosystem of endless opportunities for you to deliver WoW customer experiences.


Today’s enterprise and customer-facing applications are radically different from the applications of even a few short years ago. There are currently three trends driving modern application needs:

  • A desire for real-time data availability and user engagement
  • A need for multi-device and multi-platform functionality
  • A requirement that applications enable users to interact with and leverage information to collaborate to produce better end-results

V2Solutions is well equipped to deliver cutting-edge solutions for real-time web, responsive web, mobile, and smart process applications. All applications are built with the above-mentioned trends and upcoming trends as ‘Android Instant Apps’, ‘IoT’ in mind so that client and user information is optimally leveraged and products are most effective.

Our expert mobile development team has years of experience developing native apps for iOS, and Android platforms. We’ve also done extensive development in HTML5-enabled hybrid mobile frameworks such as Sencha Touch, Appcelerator Titanium and Ionic.


Discovery and Conceptualization
  • Mobility solutions discovery and roadmap definition
  • UX definition – user research, task flow, wireframes and visual design
Mobile Application Architecture and Design
  • Reusable component identification
  • Functional architecture definition
  • Micro-services enablement – REST API definition for back-end application servers
  • Post deployment support
  • Consumer feedback and support
  • Corrective release management
  • Version upgrade release management
Execution and Deployment
  • Agile scrum based development
  • Functionality testing, performance testing and UAT
  • Deploy to public app store
  • Application performance analytics by using tools like New Relic, Google Analytics
User Experience Design and Visual Design

V2’s UX and UI design team excels in the following four-staged process of discover, innovate, design and evaluate for user research, information architecture design, task flow definition, wire-framing, visual design and usability testing


As Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing strategies shift, solutions such as automation, adoption of agile, DevOps and Cloud practices improve time-to-market, optimize cost of various offerings, and protect the corporate image.


For many companies, the quality assurance process is a luxury that often gets overlooked, leading them to release products that are broken, not fully secure, or fail to perform as the number of users increases. Our testing expertise allows for timely product releases, significantly reduces the cost of quality yet delivering a superior product every time ensuring that your products are not just ready on day one, but will continue to perform over time.

Automation Testing

Though every enterprise tests its products, it still seems as though every delivered product has defects. While test engineers attempt to catch software “bugs” before products are released, even the best manual testing processes miss something. And even once these bugs are corrected, they often have a tendency to reappear. This is a hurdle that countless enterprises struggle to overcome.

The CoE team at V2Solutions has a dedicated automation practice where our experts have developed two innovative test automation frameworks for businesses – ‘V2AutoW’ for web applications and ‘V2AutoM’ for mobile applications (Native, Hybrid & Web) to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing. These two approaches are both based on a hybrid framework, but they differ in how they are applied – one focuses on being applicable across multiple platforms and applications, while the other is geared towards use in specific real devices and simulators for specific results.

V2Solutions’ automated testing framework is the best way to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing. What’s more, it’s affordable for enterprises as well as smaller companies and saves time and money. Automated tests run test steps for you, automating some repetitive but necessary tasks within a formalized testing process. These tests can be run more quickly and more frequently, giving conclusive pass/fail results in much less time than manual testing


  • Sanity, Smoke and Regression Testing
  • Hardware-Baseband, RF Testing, Antenna-Test, Type Approvals Tests, Audio and Camera Testing
  • System and Integration Testing
  • 3rd Party App, Hosted Services Testing
  • Stability (MTBF), KPI, Power, Performance and Memory Testing
  • Compliance (CTS, GMS, GTS), Pre-Cert and Monkey Testing
  • FT, Modem IOT, Operator Lab Acceptance and Live Network Testing
  • Connectivity Driver Testing
  • ‘V2AutoW’ and ‘V2AutoM’ (Inhouse) Automation


Blockchain can significantly reduce overhead in organizations by shortening processes thereby reducing costs. It increases the reliability of data through unique, tamper-proof storage and registration enabling quick information validation across entities. New use cases create new business possibilities.


We are a whiteboard-to-market partner for our clients in their blockchain journey. Leverage blockchain to transform your business and disrupt your industry. With blockchain, you can transact more smoothly and efficiently, and reimagine your key business processes. Right now, blockchain is helping reshape industries in domains as varied as finance, healthcare, government and manufacturing. The technology will continue to evolve and can be used in more innovative ways. We help clients’ experiment and deploy proof-of-concepts on blockchain technologies and incrementally expand to scale to production releases.


  • Workshop – Educate the client on blockchain, its potential applications, relevance to business & potential impact.
  • Business Advisory Services – Create the business strategy for blockchain, define the blockchain strategy/roadmap, elaborate on use cases & create initial business value proposition including cost-benefit, feasibility and complexity.
  • Technology Consulting – Define blockchain platform strategy to address use case, security, scalability, privacy and operational demands

Co-Innovation & Experimentation

Co-innovate with clients by joint solution development in an iterative manner.  Whiteboard-to-market partner in blockchain client experimentation programs.

  • Ideation Engagements – Ideate, evaluate and shortlist use cases for blockchain experimentations
  • POCs/Pilots – Launch of pilot projects that can prove the business value and technology impact

Blockchain Application & Network Services

  • Develop Blockchain Applications – Blockchain app development, performance and scalability testing and roll-out production releases
  • Build a blockchain network – New business models and revenue streams by onboarding counter-parties to your blockchain network; including infrastructure, cloud, and security.

Cloud Enablement

We work with our partners to define the right cloud strategy for your business, and manage the hybrid world that results, while keeping everything secure. Let us make cloud first your new normal.

Cloud Enablement

Every company needs an ecosystem strategy to move forward, one that prepares them for a future where they are not involved in just a single ecosystem, but many. How your company selects and fosters the right ecosystems for your business goals will define prospects for the future: competitive advantage depends on the strength of the partners and ecosystems you choose and your plans to help them grow.


  • Technical Readiness and Roadmap
  • Cloud Assessment and Design
  • Cost-benefits Analysis and Value Drivers
  • Cloud Solution Selection
  • Security Assessment & Planning
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Cloud-readiness App Reengineering Services
  • Managed Services Platform – AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Adoption of Open Source
  • Integration and Testing
  • Deployment, Documentation, Operations & Maintenance
  • Adoption of NextGen Technologies like, Big Data, M.L., and NLP
  • Monitoring Services (To determine business value and create feedback mechanism for tuning cloud solutions)
  • Enterprise Integration Platform – iPaaS
  • Consultation and Training

Integration and Migration

The accelerating convergence of technologies, devices, networks, and data is changing the way we work, play, and live-and creating unprecedented opportunities for your enterprise.

Integration and Migration

We are connecting solutions, services, and suppliers-so that you can move to more agile IT, accelerate your transformation journey, achieve your business objectives sooner, and position your enterprise to exploit the enormous opportunities and innovations of the connected age.


Enterprise iPaaS (integration platform as a service)

iPaaS gives you a cloud-agnostic platform enabling you to continuously and rapidly deliver new business services and APIs. You will unlock data held within the business, foster innovation, and accelerate business velocity and speed to market.

Cloud-Native Applications (PaaS)

Be agile, improve your ability to innovate, experiment, and accelerate concept to cash with cloud-native applications. We help you get ahead by transforming your capability in developing software by leveraging micro-service architecture, agile and Business Driven Development (BDD), DevOps, containerization, and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Implementing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Replace legacy applications with SaaS as part of your cloud-first strategy. We help you deploy and integrate SaaS from the leading providers.