• Bridging the gap between Entertainment Content and Consumer Delivery Systems

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  • Providing near real-time Business Analytics across channels

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  • Digital Store Check solution to minimize Revenue leakage

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  • Big Data Analytics for Media industry using OutSystems / BigQuery / Tableau

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  • Enabled end customers to take faster and informed decisions

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  • Delivered Web based ‘Analytics Engine’ designed to analyze the efficiency of Healthcare Delivery

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Success Stories

Safe Driving Solution

The Technology Partner for a Safe Driving Solution

Aiming to reduce vehicular accidents by 86%

Challenges Big

SAP Automation using RPA

The Client is one of the biggest Hollywood distribution houses.

workforce analytics

Workforce analytics using Machine Learning

Analytical tool to analyze historical data and using prediction analysis try to find the co-relation between the various factors

Finance Invoice Automation using RPA Express

Finance Invoice Automation using RPA Express

Finance Invoice Automation on Vendor Invoice submission platforms using Workfusion RPA Express

sucess stories

Avails Automation using WorkFusion RPA Express

The client is a multinational company that is a global leader in all forms of entertainment, from movie and TV screens to mobile devices, store shelves and beyond.

Network Chalenge

Network Performance Dashboard

Consolidating Data from multiple systems spanning across Browser to windows Application

Benefits of AWS Infrastructure

Benefits of AWS Infrastructure

A cost-effective solution for application development and deployment using AWS as a PaaS.


Social Media Sentiment Analytics

Analytics on social media platforms to evaluate and improve brand sentiments using advanced text mining and natural language processing (NLP)

Business Scenario Big

White Labeled Online Ordering Solution

Innovative End-to-End Online Ordering Technology to Provide Unequaled Ordering Convenience Leading to Better customer Experience and Revenue


Innovative Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

Develop a Mobile App to Leverage Bluetooth for Performing Key Operations on Client’s Hardware Devices


No.1 Supplier Of Hospitality EPOS System

Focus on Bundling Key Features and Reducing the Cost of Quality, Enabling Client to Focus on Executing Strategy for Global Expansion

A New Fast Casual Eatery Big

A New Fast Casual Eatery

Grilled Cheese and Soup Meets Innovative Ordering Technology to Provide Unequaled Ordering Convenience Leading to Better customer Experience and Revenue

Social Media Monitoring And Analysis Tool Big-min

Social Media Monitoring And Analysis Tool

Built a collaborative product research tool to help people find the right and reliable information on products and services to make informed buying decisions

Adapting To Changing Business Environments Big-

Adapting To Changing Business Environments

Solution delivers feature-rich product using cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the competition

Content Processing And Reporting Platform_Big

Content Processing And Reporting Platform

The V2 team developed a web portal with automated media processing framework (MediaRich) resulting in high scalability to connect with sponsors across 100 countries

Intuitive Web-Based ApplicationBig

Intuitive Web-Based Application

A Comprehensive Regression Test Automation Solution for Better Product Quality and Accelerated Product Release, While Reducing Overall Testing Costs


SAAS-Based Web Application

Reliable Virtual Task Tracker Enables Quick Access to Key Information Resulting in Minimum Supervision, Better Quality, Less Ambiguity, and Consistent Output

Social Engagement Platform

Social Engagement Platform

Solution created a powerful location-based social app focusing on the fastest way to get trusted recommendations from family and friends


Enterprise Transport Management System

An eight year IT Partnership – Enabling Client to Focus on Core Business Activities and Providing Peace of Mind


A Web Travel Portal And iPhone Application

One of the leading travel portals uses V2’s product engineering expertise to launch a fully automated and robust tourism network

Operational Performance Management Tool

Operational Performance Management Tool

Delivered Web-Based ‘Analytics Engine’ Designed to Analyze the Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery Leading to Lower Healthcare Costs, and Increased Confidence Among Healthcare Professionals

Integrated Health & Human Services

Integrated Health & Human Services

Suite of scalable and interoperable cloud-based products to meet the demand for long-term care while generating new revenue Opportunities

Analytics Application For Bariatric Clinics-Challenges Big

Analytics Application For Bariatric Clinics

Completely Re-Engineering a Legacy Product into a Cost-effective Cloud-Based (SAAS) Solution to Capitalize on New Revenue Opportunities

Clinical Knowledge Exchange Platform-color

Clinical Knowledge Exchange Platform

Launching a Cloud-based ‘Clinical Knowledge Exchange’ Platform for Health Professionals and Patients to Improve the Quality of Patient Care


Web Based Dental Implant Clinic

Precise, Quick, Cost-Effective, and Comprehensive Online Solution simplifying end-to-end dental implant process

Communication-platform-for-care-networks-business-challenges Big

Communication Platform For Care Networks

Reliable Mobile Clinic for Quick Access to Information and Pediatricians, Resulting in Better Child Care and Peace of Mind

the-entertainment-identifier-Business Scenario Big

The Entertainment Identifier Registry Association

Providing Professional Tactical Services for EIDR and Members to Advance the Digital Supply Chain where Universal Product ID and Metadata are the Prerequisites for Content Monetization


Video Games Packaging And Testing Solution

Delivering Tailor-Made Installation Experience, State-of-the-Art Testing Services, and Comprehensive Content Management Services to Enhance the Value of the Deliverables


Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

Partnering with a Leading Global Media and Entertainment Company to Enhance Digital Asset Metadata, Improving Resource Discovery and Administrative Control

End-to-End Business Scenario

End-To-End App Testing Solution

V2’s testing team is helping Client meet urgent mobile application testing requirements to achieve deadlines and ensure zero defects after launch

Leading Global Media

Leading Global Media Company

Developing a Worldwide Digital Distribution Model Using our Metadata Services While Providing Accurate, Near Real-Time Business Analytics Across the US for a Leading Global Media Company

Business Scenario

Innovative Social Network Platform

Collaborating with a premier non-fiction content company to double their social media traffic and impact in terms of brand value and revenue

Business Scenario

Built Metadata Factory And Custom Tools

Partnering with the World’s Largest Provider of Digital Content for the Music Industry, with Gamut of Content Solutions to Enhance the User Experience and Faster Content Monetization

Business Scenario and Client Business Need Big

A Suite Of Powerful Business Applications

Integration of Mortgage CRM with Lead Vendors

Online Ordering Solution For Handheld Devices

Online Ordering Solution For Handheld Devices

Innovative Mobile Ordering Technology to Provide Unequaled Ordering Convenience, Tapping Into Mobile Revenue Stream


World’s Leading Ethical Beauty Brand

Providing QA and Testing Services for a Leading Cosmetics Brand’s E-commerce Portal in 16 Countries


Instant Messenger and Informative App

Developed a SaaS-based Communication App for Mobile, Ensuring Guests always feel Connected.


Fitness Never Sleeps (FNS) And Neither Do The Support To The Athletes

Developed one of a kind real-time communication solution to help athletes reach out to their coaches 24*7 for any kind of support they need.