A Journey to Seamless Interaction: Modernizing Web Platforms for Enhanced Accessibility and Engagement​Civil Engineering

Our client spearheads innovative solutions by collaborating with a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and business experts.

Together, they engage with research groups and entrepreneurs, tackling the most formidable challenges within the realm of climate issues. They wanted to revolutionize their website for improved accessibility and engagement as their current website faced severe usability issues that were impacting user retention and interaction. Hence, they were looking for a dependable partner who could help them in enhancing their website and improve its user experience.


  • High Bounce Rate Visitors quickly left the site without meaningful interaction, impacting user engagement and retention.​
  • Low Engagement Users were not actively participating with the content or features, indicating a need for enhanced user interaction.​​
  • Page Load Time Issue Slow loading times hindered the overall user experience, potentially leading to frustration and decreased site exploration.​​
  • Usability Concerns The previous website had notable usability issues, affecting user satisfaction and ease of navigation.​​
  • Design Limitations Design-related challenges were identified, impacting the visual appeal and modernity of the website.​


  • WordPress CMS Implemented a robust content management system to effectively organize and manage content, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly experience.
  • Responsive Design Prioritized a seamless user experience on all devices through precise mobile optimization and responsive design techniques.​
  • Improved Information Architecture Enhanced navigation by establishing a clear content hierarchy and implementing intuitive menus for easy user interaction.​
  • User-Centric Approach interfaces are designed with users in mind, tailored to their personas and continuously refined based on valuable feedback.​
  • Interactive Features Incorporated elements to boost engagement.​
  • Content Updates and Training Providing ongoing management support through training resources and scheduled updates, ensuring the website remains current and relevant.


  • Improved User Experience With a 40% increase in user engagement and a 50% reduction in bounce rates significantly improved overall user experience.​
  • Modern Aesthetics Overcoming design limitations led to a visually appealing and modernized website design.​
  • Enhanced Accessibility Page load time was reduced from 8 seconds to 2 seconds which contributed to enhanced accessibility and smoother navigation.​
  • Streamlined Communication Addressing usability concerns improved communication, making information more accessible and user-friendly.​
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We would like to thank you for joining us in the endeavor to create our new website. It turns out the result was outstanding, endorsed by the external feedback we’ve been getting! Plus, it has been great working with you all. Despite some stressful challenges, e.g. the university’s hosting options and limitations, we went through them successfully.

Ketav Mehta
Civil Engineering Company

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