Accelerated Branding: The Journey to Reaching Record Customer Counts with Enhanced DesignInformation Technology

The client is a fintech startup offering customized credit services to businesses and individuals.

They aimed to launch a modern fintech application facilitating easy access to financing options for both borrowers and providers in a secure and convenient environment.


  • Robustness of Web Application Their aim is to streamline financing processes through transparent and user-friendly point-of-service applications, meeting industry and client quality standards.”​
  • Lacking a User-Centric Approach The design required an approach that understands the user’s perspective, ensuring it is intuitive and captivating.​
  • Revamping Brand Identity Package The branding needed acceleration, requiring the design of an identity package to match.


  • Streamlined Development and Quality Processes An end-to-end software development and testing plan was designed and implemented to deliver the required application.​
  • Embedding a User-Centric Approach A user-centric approach was adopted to craft a trustworthy and visually captivating design aligned with the brand’s core values.​​
  • Strategic Design Planning Insights into the client’s business landscape, audience, and competitors were gained during the discovery phase. Based on this, our team developed a strategic design plan encompassing wireframes, user flow, and content hierarchy.​​
  • Developing a Brand Package A complete brand identity package was developed, including logo creation, color palette, and typography, contributing to a consistent visual identity.​


  • Delivered exceptional customer experience The over all customer experience rating raised of 35%  as a result of the efforts across development, design, and testing teams.​
  • Established Brand Identity The branding strategy helped the client establish a consistent visual identity across all marketing channels, making it a recognized brand.​
  • Business Growth The upgraded application and good branding methods widened the application’s reach significantly and created notable growth of 25%.
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V2 understood our vision for our very own online financing marketplace. The entire team has worked hard right from the beginning – infrastructure, development, and extensive automated testing – to ensure we launch with a quality product that delivers a fantastic experience to our customers, all the while staying on time and within budget. It has been a great overall experience working with them.

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