Accelerating DevOps: Streamlined Migration of Acquired Org to AWSInformation Technology

Our client is a recognized and certified Managed Service Provider (MSP), cloud services, and ops company.

They provide solutions for hybrid and end-to-end cloud services, including consultation on cloud strategy, migration, implementation, DevOps, and Big Data to its customers. Following one of the acquisition, Client wanted to migrate cloud infrastructure of new org to their own AWS account. Hence, there were looking for a support team with domain expertise in the migration and deployment of all services to the new Dev environment following the AWS best practices.


  • Smooth Integration Ensure a seamless integration of the acquired organization’s cloud infrastructure into their AWS account for a unified and cohesive environment.
  • Diverse Workload Migrate a mix of 40 Lambdas and 30 microservices, ensuring each component seamlessly integrates into the new AWS Dev environment with a tight deadline of 15 days.


  • Seamless Repository Integration Utilizing the specialized knowledge of our certified cloud support engineers, we executed a precise process of cloning the Azure DevOps Repository using Visual Studio. This involved implementing necessary modifications in new variables from existing branches to build, deploy, and run the new pipeline seamlessly in the new environment.
  • Efficient Migration Achievement With precision and speed, our team successfully migrated all Lambdas and Microservices to the new AWS Dev environment in just 12 days, exceeding expectations by completing three days ahead of the deadline.


  • Cost Savings through Accelerated Migration The accelerated migration not only met tight deadlines but also contributed to a potential annual savings of up to a 15% reduction in infrastructure costs.
  • Time-to-Market Advantage Completed migration three days ahead of the 15-day deadline, enhancing the speed of new feature deployment.
  • Operational Efficiency Streamlined monitoring and maintenance tasks, lead to a 20% reduction in operational time.
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The migration was a game-changer, significantly enhancing cost efficiency, operational excellence, and deployment speed for our organization.

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