Achieving Stability through Innovation: Enhancing the In-Car Payment System to Elevate Customer Experience​Automotive

The client, a dynamic startup based in the USA, specializes in pioneering in-car commerce solutions.

Their primary focus is on delivering innovative B2B add-on services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), utilizing advanced location-based services technology. They aimed to streamline operational processes, strengthen security protocols, and establish seamless connections with multiple payment gateways. They wanted to capitalize on the prevailing cashless payment trend, positioning themselves as industry leaders in the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive commerce.


  • Unstable Platform Platform stability was vital for seamless integration with new systems and to establish a robust foundation for adaptability.
  • Disorganized Processes Lack of consistency and organization in processes and functionalities are led to confusion, and instabilty.
  • Non-compliance Failure to comply with industry best practices in automobile payment resulted in gaps in process efficiency and coding accuracy.
  • Missed Timelines Incompetency in adaptation to short demo and pilot timelines hindered the client’s ability to effectively engage with its customers.


  • Architectural Solution We analyzed the existing system and proposed an enhancement to improve event driven architecture to instill flexibility using :
    • APIs for OEM to integrate.​
    • Integration with multiple payment gateways​
  • Optimized DevOps CICD pipeline and IaC The enhanced DevOps CICD pipeline and IaC automated the processes and functionalities hence streamlining them for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Best Practices for Payment Gateways We configured the system to align with the in-car payment best practices that could enhance security, streamline transaction processes, and seamlessly integrate with existing automotive technologies.
  • Defined a Test Strategy We revamped the testing strategy to elevate product quality, ensuring readiness to deliver demos and pilots within specified timelines.


  • Increased User Engagement The streamlined functions lead to better data insights, seamless, secured and fast transactions lead to better user experience and user engagement.
  • Successful Demos and Pilot The stable and high performing application, with 70% operational efficiency lead to conducting successful demos and pilot while instilling confidence in the capabilities of the client.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness Conducted multiple successful demo to 10 – leading Automobile OEMs like Tata , Stellantis (Jeep, Citroen), Mahindra, Bentley, Japan Automobile Show.
  • Business Upscaling With the current adoption by over 1,000 vehicles, we have set a trajectory of business upscaling to 4,000 vehicles in our network in a short span.
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