Leveraging Data Optimally: Empowering Decision Makers with Connected Data and Visualizations​Real estate

Our client is committed to streamlining the rental real estate market, empowering brokerage firms, real estate agents, and landlords with powerful productivity tools, comprehensive educational programs, and access to a database comprising nearly 9 million rental listings nationwide.

Their objective was to seamlessly integrate platforms, enhance visibility, and optimize data utilization. As a result, we facilitated them, with reliable data sources and user-friendly dashboards for better decision-making.


  • Fragmented Visibility Lack of data integration and scattered data storage led to KPIs being tracked in silos hindering decision making.
  • Lack of interactivity and limited data visualizations in dashboards Dashboards lacked interactivity and had an over-reliance on tables which made tracking trends inefficient​.
  • Stale Dashboards Outdated or redundant dashboards cluttered the inventory, making it difficult for users to find relevant and up-to-date information.​
  • Resource Intensive Data Cleaning Cleaning historical data for accurate aggregations and insights was resource-intensive, consuming time and effort
  • Data Quality Assurance Identifying and resolving data anomalies, especially related to listings, was a challenge. Ensuring data accuracy and reliability for decision-making purposes required significant effort.


  • Data Acquisition Pipeline Building a robust data acquisition pipeline facilitated the migration of product usage data collected by Pendo to AWS S3. This streamlined the process of accessing and utilizing important data for analysis.
  • Integrated Data Pipelines Developing data pipelines to combine and transform data from multiple platforms enabled the creation of comprehensive reports, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboards. This integration provided a holistic view of business metrics and facilitated data-driven decision-making.
  • Troubleshooting and Consolidation Proactive troubleshooting of pipeline issues and consolidation of scripts helped enhance pipeline efficiency and reliability, reducing downtime and improving data consistency.
  • Dashboard and App Maintenance Regular maintenance and updates of Tableau dashboards and Shiny apps ensured that users had access to relevant and up-to-date information, while removing stale apps streamlined the inventory.
  • Ad-hoc Analysis for Insights Conducting ad-hoc analysis and generating custom reports uncovered new marketing targets and opportunities for customer service improvement, driving usage increase and business growth.


  • Significant Rise in Product Usage The year-over-year usage of one product skyrocketed by an astounding 200%, propelled by the implementation of streamlined processes and an elevated standard of customer service.
  • Remarkable Revenue Boost The revenue boosted by a record 190% was fueled by an enhanced customer experience, characterized by improved visibility, reliability, and real-time data update.
  • Growth with Increased Subscription The client experienced 5% increased revenue from better subscriptions enhanced subscription models facilitated by comprehensive reports and opportunities for bolstering customer service standards.
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